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Bob Bindig (December 21, 1920 – November 6, 2007) was a cartoonist and comics historian who worked on the Adventures of the Big Boy comic book from 1985 to 1995.


In the late 1930s, Bindig attended the Buffalo Technical High School where he took a number of art class.[1]


While Bindig was creating some test drawings to apply for a job at Walt Disney, he was inducted into the US Army. He was then sent to Korea and joined the US Army Medical Corps. Here he was the head of the art department for the military. During his time as head of the art department he created a wordless comic strip title 'The Mischievous Twin Bears' for a local Korean newspaper.[1]

He worked in advertising for such firms as Sam Fisher Toys and Rich Products Corporation. His hard work lead him to becoming known as one of the best advertising art directors in his field. He also created the character of Buster Bison as the mascot for the AAA Buffalo Bisons baseball team. Bindig retired from his career in advertising in 1985. After his retirement he decided to take over 'The Adventures of the Big Boy'. From 1985–1995 he drew the series and then eventually retired for a final time.[1]

Along with being one of the best advertising art directors, Bindig was also a comics historian who helped Lambiek on numerous exhibitions.[1]


He received the National Cartoonist Society Advertising Award for 1988.


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