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Bob Cesca
Born Bob Cesca
(1971-07-12) July 12, 1971 (age 46)
Washington, D.C., United States
Nationality American
Education Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Occupation Director, producer, film producer, music director, music producer, writer, actor, blogger, political commentator
Years active 2001–present
Notable credit(s) The Huffington Post
Title Bachelor of Political Science

Bob Cesca (born July 12, 1971) is an American director, producer, writer, actor, blogger and political commentator.[1] He is the Managing Editor of The Daily Banter, a centrist news and opinion site founded by Ben Cohen, where he also writes a daily political column. He's also a regular contributor for[2]


Cesca grew up in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. He graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. In his personal life, Cesca is an avid bicycling fan. He estimates that he rides between 50 and 100 miles a week.[3]

Cesca has written weekly columns in The Huffington Post since August 2005.[3] He has also contributed to AOL's WalletPop blog[4] (Now[5]) and Manhattan Magazine.[6]

He began his career in media working as an intern for the Don and Mike Show in Washington, D.C. Later, he founded Camp Chaos, an alternative media production studio based near Philadelphia for which he animated and performed voices for the cartoon Napster Bad. He currently runs a new media production company called Snark Rocket.[7]

Cesca directed music videos for Iron Maiden, Yes, Everclear, Mötley Crüe and Meat Loaf. He also designed the album and sleeve for the Yes album "Magnification" and the DVD release "Symphonic Live".[8]

In 2003 Cesca conceived and produced ILL-ustrated, a VH1 animated comedy series which premiered in October of that year.[9] In 2006, Cesca edited and directed the animated series Kung Fu Jimmy Chow for

Cesca is currently host of the Bob & Chez Show,[10] a thrice weekly podcast supported by crowdfunding site Patreon, where he discusses news, politics and other subjects with collaborator Chez Pazienza.[11] Elvis Dingledein was the previous co-host of the show. On February 26, 2017, Pazienza's employer, The Daily Banter, announced the news of his passing.[12]


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