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Bob Circosta is an American businessman and television host. He is television's first ever home shopping host and has achieved over one billion dollars in personal product sales on live television. His offices are in Clearwater, Florida, just a few miles from the Home Shopping Network (HSN)'s corporate building.


In 1977, Circosta began advertising can openers on his radio talk-show, and all stock he had was sold out within an hour. Recognizing the vast sales potential, Paxson then founded a local home shopping cable station, and later launched nationwide with the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Bob Circosta was their first ever home shopping host, also becoming one of the world's most prolific, most identifiable salesmen in the process. Circosta still makes regular appearances on HSN and also hosts the syndicated TV program What a Great Idea! nationwide, where he scours the landscape for eye-catching new products and inventions to debut.

Given his historic sales accomplishments and familiarity with television viewers, Circosta is one of the most sought-after lecturers and business consultants. He regularly appears at some of the most exclusive corporate conferences and sales conventions in the entrepreneurial world, including the Enlightened Wealth Institute, CEO Space and T. Harv Eker's World's Greatest Marketing Seminar.