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Bob Dobkin
Robert C. Dobkin

OccupationElectronics engineer
Known forIntegrated circuits designer and electronics entrepreneur

Robert C. Dobkin (born 1943 in Philadelphia) is an American electrical engineer, co-founder of Linear Technology Corporation, and veteran linear (analog) integrated circuit (IC) designer.


Dobkin studied Electrical Engineering at MIT, but did not complete a degree. After early employments e.g. at GE reentry Systems, he joined Philbrick Nexus in Massachusetts working on IC development with Bob Pease. He joined National Semiconductor (NSC) in January 1969. He resigned the position as Director of Advanced Circuit Development at NSC in July 1981 and co-founded Linear Technology with Robert J. Widlar in the same year.

Dobkin continues to serve as the company's Chief Technical Officer.[1] He has been a Director of Spectra7 Microsystems Inc. since March 20, 2013.[2]

Dobkin holds more than 100 patents in the field of analog circuits.[3]


  • LM118, first high speed operational amplifier.
  • LM199, heated buried-Zener voltage reference, and its improved successor, the LTZ1000.
  • LM317, first variable three-pin voltage regulator.
  • LT1083, first low-dropout regulator.
  • LT3080, three terminal adjustable regulator with a current source reference.


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