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Robert Gaskins was one of the inventors of PowerPoint at Forethought, Inc.. In the early 1980s he worked for Bell Northern Research [1]

Lee Gomes wrote in The Wall Street Journal:[2]

Robert Gaskins was the visionary entrepreneur who in the mid-1980s realized that the huge but largely invisible market for preparing business slides was a perfect match for the coming generation of graphics-oriented computers.

From the jacket copy of the hardcover edition of Sweating Bullets: Notes about Inventing PowerPoint by Robert Gaskins:[3]

Robert Gaskins invented PowerPoint, drawing on ten years of interdisciplinary graduate study at UC Berkeley and five years as manager of computer science research for an international telecommunications R&D laboratory in Silicon Valley.

Many original documents written by Robert Gaskins during the early history of PowerPoint's strategy and development are online for public access.[4]


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