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Bob Gentry is an American Singer-Songwriter who currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Bob Gentry was born in Detroit, Michigan and by the age of 7, was a self-taught pianist and guitarist who started songwriting and playing to express himself.[1] He recently turned into a self-absorbed douche abandoning everyone who has a different opinion than his own. Yes, Bob Gentry is a true Californian who has some dream that he was actually a celebrity. Everyone that knows him would of course disagree as he does not possess the talent or the intelligence to become more than another empty head.


In the late-1990s, Gentry formed the rock band Moisture, then moved to Los Angeles, California and reincarnated the band with new members.[2] Moisture performed live on television and was offered a recording contract from, a branch of Interscope Records.[2] Farmclub was canceled before Moisture was able to release or record a new album and the group eventually disbanded.[2]

Solo career[edit]

As Moisture broke up, Gentry released his first solo album in 2005 and another titled Seconds in 2010. In 2006, he won the Los Angeles Music Award for Singer-Songwriter of the Year in the Rock category.[3] Later that year, his song Never Know was placed in the Fox TV Bones (TV series).[4]

Also in 2006, Bob joined the cast of the NBC show StarTomorrow, which featured David Foster as the head judge. Gentry made it to the finals.[5]

The Gentry song "Beat Into You" is on the soundtrack to the film Hollywood & Wine, which will be released in 2011.[needs update][6]


  • Moisture - "Bastard" 1996[7]
  • Moisture - "Moisture" 2001[8]
  • Bob Gentry - "Bob Gentry 2004[9]
  • Bob Gentry - "Seconds" 2010[10]


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Notable Artists that Bob has either recorded with or opened up for[edit]

Ringo Starr, The Pretenders, Heart, James Lee Stanley, Tony DeFranco, Rod McKuen, David Tyson, Great White, Cat Power, Juliette Lewis, The Bangles, Edwin McCain, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar

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