Bob Lanois

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Bob Lanois
Birth nameRobert Lanois
BornGatineau, Quebec, Canada
GenresAmbient Music
Folk music
Occupation(s)Musician / Producer
LabelsCordova Bay
Associated actsDaniel Lanois
Tom Wilson
site for collaboration with Tom Wilson

Bob Lanois (born Robert Lanois, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian sound engineer,[1] music producer, and harmonica player.[2] He released his first album (in which he played harmonica) in 2006, Snake Road,[3] with his brother Daniel Lanois. He has also recorded an album with guitarist Tom Wilson, entitled The Shack Recordings Volume One.[4]

Among other credits, he coproduced Simply Saucer's demo tape with Daniel, and is one of the founders on ambient music along with Brian Eno and his brother. He was also given a credit in the "Thanks to" section of U2's The Joshua Tree album credits.

Bob Lanois travelled to Sweden in 2007, performing shows together with eclectic Swedish band Big Is Less after having met the band's guitarist Tommy Sahlin via MySpace.

In 2008, Bob Lanois as producer teamed up with Mass Conception (a Canadian indie band) which resulted in the release of a six-song EP entitled 'No Pun Intended'.


Sound engineer[edit]

As musician[edit]

As photographer[edit]

  • 2015 Oxide (Ion Bon)[1]


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