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Bob Lord (musician)

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Bob Lord
OriginAndover, Massachusetts, U.S.
GenresRock, Classical, Jazz, Experimental music
Years active1989–present

Bob Lord is an American producer/composer/bassist and CEO of PARMA Recordings, parent company of label imprints Navona Records, Ravello, Big Round, MMC, and Capstone Records. He is also notable for being the bassist/composer of the experimental rock trio Dreadnaught, music director for the NHPR/Music Hall series Writers on a New England Stage, and in-studio producer of Grammy-winning clarinetist Richard Stoltzman.

He has more than 150 credits as a producer, executive producer, performer, arranger, label manager, and composer, and with Pete Townshend of The Who served as co-producer for the double-album release by Lawrence Ball, Method Music.[1]


Composer & bassist[edit]

Lord's musical output spans the rock, classical, jazz, pop, film, and experimental genres, and he has composed, produced, and arranged for a wide cross-section of instrumentation, including orchestra ("James Thresher Industries"), rock band ("The Elevator Chaser"), piano ("Kazak, The Hound Of Space"), string orchestra ("Creepin'"), and electronics ("Agah Eegah"). His music is largely instrumental and generally eschews song format, with some exceptions ("Bony Cleave", "Danny").

As a recording artist, Lord has appeared on over three dozen releases and won numerous awards for his work. Dreadnaught's The American Standard (2001) was one of the best-reviewed progressive rock releases of its year,[2] and the decade-long retrospective High Heat & Chin Music (2007) received a "Best Of NH 2007" award from New Hampshire Magazine.[3] As a bassist he has been noted for his crisp tone (achieved through frequent use of a plectrum) and unusual bass lines.[4]


In 2002, while beginning preparations for what would become Dreadnaught's double-disc Live At Mojo (Comet Records), Lord began composing and producing music for film and other media; his work includes music for "Flying Downhill", a documentary on Olympic skier Bode Miller, "Marilyn's Man", a Marilyn Monroe documentary released by Universal, "Wander", an award-winning short film which aired on IFC,[5] and the theme song for "The Exchange" from New Hampshire Public Radio.

Lord began producing for MMC Recordings in 2005 where he worked with Richard Stoltzman, Pixar/Randy Newman orchestrator Jonathan Sacks, and company owner and composer/pianist William Thomas McKinley among others, with credits on more than 30 releases over the next three years and recording with numerous orchestras, composers, ensembles, and players.

In 2008, Lord launched PARMA Recordings, an audio production company, and Navona Records, a classical imprint. In 2009, PARMA acquired the classical label Capstone Records and Big Round Records (previously owned by Congressman Paul Hodes), and launched Ravello Records, an imprint dedicated to modern classical music. In 2011, PARMA acquired MMC Recordings and the boutique online publisher ThatNewMusicWebsite/ThatNewMusicLibrary.

PARMA's releases include work by Pulitzer Prize winners Lewis Spratlan and Donald Martino, New York Philharmonic concertmaster Glenn Dicterow, former Congressman and Orleans founder John Hall, percussionist Steve Gadd, the London Symphony Orchestra, children's artist Raffi, and jazz bassist Eddie Gómez, violin and guitar ensemble Duo46 (music of John Carollo) among others.

In 2011, Lord served as co-producer with Pete Townshend of The Who for Lawrence Ball's Method Music, released in January 2012 on Navona Records. The album is a continuation of the concepts first explored in Townshend's Lifehouse project and Lifehouse Method website.


Since its formation in 1996, Lord's primary performance vehicle has been Dreadnaught. The band began touring nationally in 2000 as a trio, performed in more than half of the U.S. states, and earned a reputation as a highly accomplished musical unit equally proficient in highly structured compositions and free-wheeling improvisation.

With Dreadnaught, Lord has shared a stage with John Entwistle (The Who), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), NRBQ, Jim Weider (The Band), California Guitar Trio, and the Young Dubliners. In 2005, the group began a prominent stint as house band for the New Hampshire Public Radio series Writers on a New England Stage at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, where it has performed with Stephen King, Dan Brown, Ken Burns, Alan Alda, John Updike, Elmore Leonard, Madeleine Albright, and Mitch Albom, among others. The series has attracted international coverage and has been featured in press outlets such as The Today Show and Good Morning America.

In 2011, Lord served as on-air host for the NHPR/Music Hall live radio series Live@TheLoft, which featured the artists Buffalo Tom, Stew (musician) & The Negro Problem, Frazey Ford, and Patty Larkin.


Executive Producer/Producer (Partial List)[edit]

Album Title Artist Year Label Notes
Method Music Lawrence Ball 2011 Navona Records Produced by Pete Townshend and Bob Lord
I Told You So John Hall 2011 Big Round Records Anti-nuclear single by Orleans founder
Divergence Various Artists 2011 Navona Records String concerti featuring the Warsaw National Philharmonic
Viola Tango Rock Orquesta Filarmonica de Bogotá 2011 Big Round Records Live DVD
Excursions Marie Nelson Bennett 2010 Ravello Records Music by student of Paul Hindemith
Continuum Various Artists 2010 Navona Records Featuring Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Mika Marimba Madness Mika Yoshida 2010 Big Round Records Live DVD with Steve Gadd & Eddie Gómez
From Bow To String K. Dreyfus & G. Dicterow 2009 Navona Records Concertos featuring New York Philharmonic concertmaster
Big Muddy Suite Patrick Beckman 2009 Navona Records Jazz/Blues/Classical piano duet featuring Richard Stoltzman
In Memoriam Lewis Spratlan 2009 Navona Records Premiere recordings from Pulitzer Prize-winner
5th (S)eason Jonathan Sacks 2008 Navona Records First solo CD by orchestrator for Randy Newman and Pixar
Phoenix In Flight Richard Stoltzman 2008 Navona Records Orchestral classical works by 2-time Grammy-winner
New American Works For Clarinet Vol. 2 Richard Stoltzman 2008 MMC Recordings Featuring works by William Thomas McKinley
About Lear And Others William Stalnaker 2008 MMC Recordings Featuring Gerard Schwarz and Seattle Symphony Orchestra
Musicscapes Various Artists 2008 MMC Recordings With orchestral version of Dreadnaught's "James Thresher Industries"
Painted Shadows Of Childhood Donald Betts 2007 MMC Recordings Featuring Richard Stoltzman
High Heat & Chin Music Dreadnaught 2007 Big Balloon/Red Fez Records 2CD compilation
Live At Mojo Dreadnaught 2005 Comet Records 2CD live in the studio
Musica En Flagrante Dreadnaught 2004 Big Balloon Studio recordings
Apples & Oranges Various Artists 2004 Red Fez Records Featuring Dreadnaught, Ed Jurdi, Thanks To Gravity, Duncan Watt
The American Standard Dreadnaught 2001 Red Fez Records Studio recordings
Una Vez Mas Dreadnaught 2000 self-released Studio recordings
Dreadnaught Dreadnaught 1998 self-released Studio recordings

Product/Marketing/Imprint Credits (Partial List)[edit]

Album Title Artist Year Label Notes
And The President Said Various Artists 2006 MMC Recordings Featuring The Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee
Concordia Chamber Ensemble Various Artists 2006 MMC Recordings Featuring Baltimore Symphony Orchestra conductor Marin Alsop
Xtreme Classical A. Paul Johnson 2006 MMC Recordings Featuring JJ Grey and MOFRO
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Various Artists 2006 MMC Recordings Featuring Gerard Schwarz
Jazz For Two Duehlmeier/Gritton Duo 2005 MMC Recordings Piano duo w/orchestra featuring music by George Gershwin
Music For Orchestra Lee Actor 2005 MMC Recordings Orchestral music
Works For Double Bass Richard Fredrickson 2005 MMC Recordings Orchestral works for bass
Fear Of Heights Mr. Vertigo 2005 Red Fez Records Studio recordings
Oblique Music For Soundtracks That Don't Exist Museum Of Science 2005 Red Fez Records Studio recordings
4th Of July Tractor Trailer 2005 Red Fez Records Studio recordings
Longshores Drive Ed Jurdi 2004 Red Fez Records Studio recordings

Composition/Production/Music Supervision For Media[edit]

Selected List

Project Title Company Year Notes
The Exchange NHPR 2007 Theme song for news radio program
Going Mobile Hot Diggity / Innov-X 2007 Re-record of Who song for ad campaign
Wander Wander Films 2006 Original score and sound for award-winning short film
Touch Of Heaven OxRock Productions 2006 Original score for documentary
White Contrast Premier Snowskate 2005 Music supervision for DVD line
Marilyn's Man Universal 2005 Produced/performed re-record of Dean Martin's "Sway"
Flying Downhill Coruway Film Institute 2005 Original music for Bode Miller documentary
Blue Hive Sweet & Doggett 2005 Music branding for marketing campaign
Hineini Keshet 2005 Music supervision for award-winning documentary
Barber Farm MediaShower Productions 2005 Score for documentary by About.com's Gretchen Siegchrist
That Old Silent Film OxRock Productions 2005 Producer of award-winning score for short film

Music Director For Writers On A New England Stage (2005–present)[edit]

Author Year Pieces Performed
Chris Matthews 2011
Chuck Palahniuk 2011 Arrangement of "Heaven & Hell" (The Who)
Ben Mezrich 2011 Arrangement of "For The Love Of Money (The O'Jays)
Neil Gaiman 2011
David McCullough 2011 Arrangement of The Navy Theme
Ann Patchett 2011
Joseph Ellis 2011
Margaret Atwood 2010
Simon Winchester 2010
Isabel Allende 2010
Michael Lewis 2010
Jodi Picoult 2010
Greg Mortenson 2009
Stephen King 2009
Barbara Kingsolver 2009
Tracy Kidder 2009
E.L. Doctorow 2009
Ruth Reichl 2009 Arrangement of "Savoy Truffle" and "Hoedown"
Madeleine Albright 2008 Arrangement of "Slavonic Dances" by Dvořák
Gregory Maguire 2008
Louise Erdrich 2008
Cokie Roberts 2008
Barbara Walters 2008 Arrangement of ABC News theme song
Richard Russo 2007
Elmore Leonard 2007
Anita Diamant 2007
Mitch Albom 2006 Arrangement of "Hit Somebody" (Mitch Albom/Warren Zevon)
John Updike 2006 Arrangement of theme song from "The Witches Of Eastwick"
Dan Brown 2006 Arrangement of original music by Dan Brown
Doris Kearns Goodwin 2005
Alan Alda 2005 Arrangement of "Suicide Is Painless"


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