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Robert Smizik is a former sportswriter and columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Smizik was bought out of his contract by the Post-Gazette in mid-December 2008, then retiring from his duties as a full-time columnist for the paper.[1] He covered Pittsburgh and National sports topics on a locally popular blog hosted at the Post-Gazette's website until October 14, 2015, when he announced that his writing days were behind him in a final article.[2]

Smizik was originally hired by the Pittsburgh Press in June 1969 and was a beat reporter for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Pirates during the first few decades of his career. He is a native of Pittsburgh and graduated from Peabody High School and the University of Pittsburgh.

Smizik became popular in the 1990s for his appearances on many Pittsburgh sports shows including Sportsbeat.


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