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Swiss Bob
Swiss Bob Efteling.JPG
Park section Ander Rijk
Coordinates 51°38′53″N 5°02′51″E / 51.64805°N 5.047392°E / 51.64805; 5.047392Coordinates: 51°38′53″N 5°02′51″E / 51.64805°N 5.047392°E / 51.64805; 5.047392
Status Operating
Opening date 1985
General statistics
Type Steel – Bobsled
Manufacturer Intamin
Designer Giovanola
Model Swiss Bob
Track layout Bobsled
Lift/launch system Chain lift
Height 65.62 ft (20.00 m)
Length 1,778.22 ft (542.00 m)
Speed 37.28 mph (60.00 km/h)
Inversions 0
Duration 2.10 minutes
Max vertical angle 80°
Capacity 750 riders per hour
Height restriction 47.3 in (120 cm)
Swiss Bob at RCDB
Pictures of Swiss Bob at RCDB

Swiss Bob (or "Bobbaan" in Dutch) is a Bobsled roller coaster in amusement park Efteling in the Netherlands.


"Bobbaan" has 8 trains, each with a capacity of 6 passengers. The original Bobsleds, with inline seating, were replaced with new trains that sit 2 across in order to increase the ride capacity and fight back the extreme queue times (of up to 90 minutes). The original Bobsled cars were replaced by sleds with a wooden theming that matches the station’s classical Austrian Alps style.
The original trains were sold to Six Flags Over Texas for their La Vibora bobsled roller coaster.
It is a smooth ride, especially since the original steel wheels were replaced by softer ones in order to comply with the night- opening license. The ride meanders through the trees, and has some drops, curves and points where the ride really picks up some speed.


The music in the station is traditional Austrian music.