Bob Tyrrell (tattoo artist)

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Bob Tyrrell
Tyrrell in 2009 at Singapore tattoo convention.
Born 4 November 1962
Detroit, United States
Nationality American
Known for Tattoo

Bob Tyrrell (born November 4, 1962) is an American tattoo artist currently based in Warren, Michigan.


Tyrrell was born in Detroit, Michigan and began tattooing in his thirties.[1] He has been featured in LA Ink and London Ink and is best known for tattooing Kid Rock's back.[2] In 2012 he participated as a jury member in the first Chaudesaigues Award, an award that recognizes the career and artwork of tattoo artists. Tyrrell also took part in the 2012 World Wide Tattoo Conference. In late 2012, he appeared on an episode of Ink Master as a special guest judge.


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