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Robert J. "Bob" Urosevich[1] has been a noted member of the election systems industry since the 1970s, founding and operating numerous companies that supply voting systems to the majority of United States.

Election industry[edit]

Urosevich founded American Information Systems (now known as Election Systems & Software) in 1979 and served as president until 1992. In 1995 Urosevich started I-Mark Systems Inc. which produced touchscreen voting systems and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and New Business Development. In 1997 I-Mark was acquired by Global Election Systems and by 2000 was named President and Chief Operating Officer.[2] In 2002 Global Election Systems was acquired by Diebold, Inc. and the name was changed to Diebold Election Systems, Inc. with Urosevich serving as President[1]

In November 2006 Mr. Urosevich was named "Managing Director Scytl Americas" for Spanish Internet voting company Scytl.[2] Scytl was formed as a spin-off from a research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona which was funded by the Spanish Government's Ministry of Science and Technology.[3]