Bob van Luijt

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Bob van Luijt
Bob van Luijt @ SXSW 2018.jpg
Bob van Luijt at SXSW 2018
Born (1985-11-15) November 15, 1985 (age 34)
Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands.
EducationArtez Institute of the Arts, Berklee College of Music, Harvard Business School
Alma materArtez Institute of the Arts
  • Entrepreneur
  • technologist
  • new media artist
Known for
  • Founder, CEO, SeMI Technologies
  • Founder, CEO, Kubrickology
  • Chairman of Creative Software Foundation

Bob van Luijt technology entrepreneur, technologist[1], and new media artist[2] from the Netherlands. He is the founder of SeMI Technologies, consultancy firm Kubrickology and the chairman of the Creative Software Foundation.

Technology Entrepreneurship[edit]

In March 2016[3] Van Luijt started the open source knowledge graph Weaviate[4] which is developed by SeMI Technologies.

New Media & Arts[edit]

Kubrickology at the Dutch Design Week in the Van Abbemuseum

Van Luijt received a bachelor's degree from Artez Institute of the Arts. After completing his studies he created notable works that include The Core.[5] He collaborated on harpist Anne Vanschothorst's album Ek is eik.,[6] with Billy Martin and Florian Weber[7] and with Yonga Sun and Cuong Vu.[8].

Control(human, data, sound) (CHDS)[9] was his first tech-based artwork and was selected as an awards Finalist for CREATE 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, in the category art+technology.[10][11].


Van Luijt's "explorations on the developments in technology, art, and business"[12] can be found on his blog "Bob’s WTF blog". They form the source of frequent lectures at conferences[13][14] and universities[15] throughout Europe, the US, and Russia.


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