Boba Fett: Hunted

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Boba Fett: Hunted
Boba Fett Hunted.JPG
Author Elizabeth Hand
Cover artist Peter Bollinger
Country United States
Language English
Series Boba Fett
Canon C
Subject Star Wars
Genre Science Fiction
Publisher Scholastic
Publication date
October 1, 2003
Media type Paperback
Pages 153
ISBN 0-439-33930-8
Preceded by Boba Fett: Maze Of Deception
Followed by Boba Fett: A New Threat

Boba Fett: Hunted is a 2003 children's science fiction book by Elizabeth Hand set in the Star Wars galaxy at the beginning of the Clone Wars. This sequel to Boba Fett: A New Threat was published by Scholastic Press. The book takes place two months after Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, and 22 years before Episode IV: A New Hope.

In August 2008, the first three books in this series were repackaged as a Borders exclusive hardcover edition.


A younger Boba Fett is on the run for his life for what he knows about the evil Count Dooku. A posthumous message from his father leads Fett to Jabba the Hutt. In an attempt to gain a position as the Hutt's personal enforcer, Fett must survive many dangerous tasks.

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