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Bobangui is located in Central African Republic
Location in Central African Republic
Coordinates: 4°3′0″N 18°7′0″E / 4.05000°N 18.11667°E / 4.05000; 18.11667Coordinates: 4°3′0″N 18°7′0″E / 4.05000°N 18.11667°E / 4.05000; 18.11667
Country Flag of the Central African Republic.svg Central African Republic
Prefecture Lobaye
District Mbaki
Elevation 422 m (1,385 ft)
 • Total 16 486

Bobangui (or Bougangui) is a large M'Baka village in Lobaye, Central African Republic, located at the edge of the equatorial forest some 80 kilometres (50 mi) southwest of the capital, Bangui. The first Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Barthélemy Boganda, the first President of the Central African Republic, David Dacko, and the emperor of the Central African Empire, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, were from Bobanqui.

Nearby towns and villages include Botoko (1.0 nm), Diligba, Bobanzengue, Bonguélé,Gbabili, M'Banza, Bossako,Yéma, Sabé. Karawa (8.1 nm), Zende (8.6 nm), Gbokopeteme (9.2 nm) and Bogombe (1.0 nm).The great " king" of this village named Morouba.