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Bobastro ruinas.jpg
Ruins of the Bobastro Church
Bobastro is located in Andalusia
Bobastro is located in Spain
Coordinates36°54′9.01″N 4°46′53.35″W / 36.9025028°N 4.7814861°W / 36.9025028; -4.7814861Coordinates: 36°54′9.01″N 4°46′53.35″W / 36.9025028°N 4.7814861°W / 36.9025028; -4.7814861
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Bobastro is the ruins of an old castle in the Province of Málaga, Spain. The castle was of Roman origin, but rebuilt by Umar ibn Hafsun during his rebellion against the Caliphate of Cordoba in the 9th century.


There had been a structure at the site since Roman times. In 880 AD, Umar ibn Hafsun settled in the ruins of the old castle of Bobastro near Ardales, in which he incited the muwallads and mozarabs to join his cause against the unfair, heavy taxation and humiliating treatment they were receiving at the hands of Abd ar-Rahman II and his successors.[1] The rebels constructed a church within the castle which lasted until the end of their autonomy on January 19, 928.[2]

In 888 AD, Al-Mundhir of Córdoba was murdered at Bobastro by his brother Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Umawi, who later succeeded him.


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