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Bobbie Louise Hawkins (born 1930) is a short story writer, monologist, and poet.


She was raised in west Texas, studied art in London, taught in missionary schools in British Honduras, attended Sophia University. Her first one-woman show of paintings and collages was at the Gotham Book Mart in 1974.

In 1979 she was one of 100 poets from eleven countries attending the "One World Poetry" festival in Amsterdam. She was married to Robert Creeley.[1]

Bobbie Louise Hawkins wrote a one-hour play for PBS called "Talk" in 1980. She has two CD’s, Live at the Great American Music Hall and Jaded Love. In 2001, Life As We Know It, a one-woman show, was performed in Boulder and New York City. She taught fiction writing workshops and courses in literary studies at Naropa University until her retirement in 2010. She continues to offer readings and teach for Naropa's Summer Writing Program.[2]






Bobbie Louise Hawkins' Almost Everything is just that. It leaves out her scattered poems and any direct reference to her two unhappy marriages and the children they produced. What remains, two collections of short prose pieces and nine new stories, run a mere 172 pages -- the condensed version of a life punctuated, as Tillie Olsen might put it, by "silences." So when Hawkins speaks, it's that much more pungent.[3]


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