Bobbili Brahmanna

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Bobbili Brahmanna
Bobbili Brahmanna movie poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Directed byK. Raghavendra Rao
Produced byUppalapati Surya Narayana Raju
Krishnam Raju (presents)
Written byParuchuri Brothers
(story / dialogues)
Screenplay byK. Raghavendra Rao
StarringKrishnam Raju
Music byK. Chakravarthy
CinematographyK. S. Prakash
Edited byD. Venkata Ratnam
Gopi Krishna Movies
Release date
Running time
152 minutes

Bobbili Brahmanna is a 1984 Telugu Action film, produced by U. Suryanarayana Raju under Gopi Krishna Movies and directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. It stars Krishnam Raju, Sharada and Jayasudha in the lead roles, with music composed by Chakravarthy. The film was recorded as a Blockbuster at the box office.[1]


Brahmanna (Krishnam Raju) is a very powerful head of Kotipalli, a village that was never haunted by police. Being descendants of the Bobbili clan, he settles several disputes between the people with his impartial judgments, before the table of justice - the sacred sword fixed to a huge tree trunk. Ravi (Krishnam Raju), his younger brother falls in love with Kasturi (Jayasudha).

Rayudu (Rao Gopal Rao) is a wicked man who wants to occupy the chair of the village head. Rayudu does many crimes such as bus hijack to earn riches. One day Bullebbayi (Satyanarayana), son of Rayudu rapes Kasturi's elder sister named Swarajyam (Krishnaveni) in a graveyard. Ravi saves Swarajyam and brings the culprit to the table of justice. Brahmanna gives a decision that Rayudu should marry Swarajyam, whom he molested. Rayudu performs an abortion for his pregnant daughter-in-law.

Rayudu creates a slander that Brahmanna is having an illegal affair with a woman by name Susheela (Annapoorna), staying in a hut on the outskirts of the village. Brahmanna reveals to his family and Rayudu that the woman whom he is looking after is the wife of a wrongfully accused man who was dead because of his decision.

Rajeswari (Aruna Mucherla), daughter of Brahmanna falls in love with Rambabu (Rajesh), Susheela's son. Brahmanna agrees for the marriage of Rajeswari with Rambabu. In happiness, Rajeswari goes to swing the cradle under a tree. Rayudu makes Rajeswari fall on a man from the cradle. Rayudu creates a slander that the man was blinded because of Rajeswari. Brahmanna gives a justice that Rajeswari should marry the blind man. Ravi performs the secret marriage between Rambabu and Rajeswari. Aggravated, Brahmanna exiles Ravi from the village. Susheela comes to know the plan of Rayudu and informs Brahmanna.

Brahmanna takes out the powerful sword from the tree and slays Rayudu in the hills in a chase and Brahmanna is arrested by the police.



Filmfare Awards
Nandi Awards



The film was a blockbuster and surpassed all previous records. The film ran for more than 200 days in more than 15 centres.After Slab system introduced in 1983 this film had 100 days run in 7 centres record(Direct Without shift of theatre with first release prints). Previously "Khaidi"(1983) in 6 direct centres for 100 days.


Krishnam Raju remade the film in Hindi as Dharm Adhikari under Gopi Krishna Movies in 1986 starring Dilip Kumar, Jeetendra and Sridevi. In Bobbili Brahmanna, Krishnam Raju played both the lead roles, but in Dharm Adhikari, the two roles are played by Dilip Kumar and Jeetendra. It's also remade in Kannada as "Dharmapeetha" starring Shrinath and Shashikumar in lead roles.



The film's concept of a hero judging others' problems in his village became very popular. Later, the formula was used in Cheran Pandiyan (1991) (Tamil film, remade in Telugu as Balarama Krishnulu in 1992), Chinna Gounder (1992) (Tamil film, remade in Telugu as Chinarayudu in 1992), Bobbili Simham (1994), Nattamai (1994) (Tamil film, remade in Telugu as Pedarayudu in 1995), Kondapalli Rattaiah (1995) and Kondaveeti Simhasanam (2002).


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