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Robert William "Bobby" Ash (November 5, 1925 – May 20, 2007)[1][2] was a British actor who became known to children in the Toronto area as Uncle Bobby the host of The Uncle Bobby Show on local station CFTO.

Early Years[edit]

Robert Ash was born in Walsall, England[1] into a family of actors and was brought up in the "pirate" circuses of Britain. Ash entertainment career as a child actor and began with a role in No Mother to Guide Her. During World War II Ash performed for the British Forces in Stars in Battledress. Ash also worked as a comedy performer and circus clown.

Moving to Canada[edit]

After immigrating to Canada (leaving his parents and an unknown woman), Ash answered an ad for a television role as a clown in the CFTO program The Professor's Hideaway in 1959.[3] (The character of Kiddo later went on to his own show, with a different actor.) After Ash left his first show, he returned to Britain,[4] but returned shortly to Canada to create a new program for CFTO (from 1962 to 1979). Ash took early education course at Seneca College to help his work on television.[5]

Retirement and Death[edit]

Even after retirement Ash continued to live in Toronto (Guildwood) [6] and worked on children's books.

Ash later moved north to Elliot Lake from Toronto and died there of a heart attack on May 20, 2007.[5]



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