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Bobby Ghosh
Bobby Ghosh in 2017
Ghosh in 2017
Citizenship USA
Spouse Bipasha Ghosh[1]

Aparisim "Bobby" Ghosh is an Indian born American Journalist and commentator. His last job was at Hindustan Times as the editor-in-chief.

journalist and the editor-in-chief of the Hindustan Times.[2] He was previously managing editor of the business news website Quartz[3] and TIME Magazine's World Editor.[4] He is American national and he was the first immigrant to be named World Editor in TIME's more than 80 years. He has previously been TIME's Baghdad bureau chief, and one of the longest-serving correspondents in Iraq. He has written stories from other conflict areas, like Palestine and Kashmir. He has also worked for Time Asia and Time Europe and has covered subjects as varied as technology and football (like his very famous article about Lionel Messi), business and social trends. He started his career as journalist with Deccan Chronicle, a popular English daily, at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. His Baghdad journalism has included profiles of suicide bombers and other terrorists, stories about extraordinary Iraqis and also political figures.

Author of provocative Time magazine article related to the cover "Is America Islamophobic?" mildly titled "Does America Have a Muslim Problem?" when US attention to the building of a mosque near Ground Zero led the news.

He has postulated that to a believing Muslim, the perception may be that 'burning the Koran is much worse than burning the Bible, because the koran is directly from God, while the Bible isn't.'[5]