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Bobby Moore (motorcyclist)

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Bobby Moore
Motocross career
Years active1980 - 1995
TeamsKTM, Yamaha
Championships125cc - 1994

Bobby Moore is an American former professional motocross racer. He won the 1994 125cc Motocross World Championship.[1] Moore was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2017.[2]

In 1985, Moore won the A.M.A. 125cc Western Supercross title.[3] He moved on to the F.I.M. world championships, finishing second to Donny Schmit in the 1990 125cc championship and second to Stefan Everts in the 1991 125cc championship.[3] In 1992, he again finished second to Schmit, this time in the 250cc world championship.[3] He moved back to the 125cc class, and in 1994, he won the world championship on a Yamaha.[4][5]


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