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Bobby Naughton

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Robert Naughton (June 25, 1944 – December 3, 2022)[1] was an American jazz vibraphonist and pianist.



Naughton was born in Boston on June 25, 1944.[2] He studied piano from the age of seven through his teens.[2] He played in rock bands and lounge bands.[2] After serving in the U.S. Army, he played organ with a blues band.[2] He studied painting in art school, then began playing vibraphone in the 1960s, accompanying Sheila Jordan and Perry Robinson.[2] In 1969 he recorded for the first time, releasing music on his label, Otic.[2] He also played piano on his first album.[2] He composed the score for the silent film Everyday by German artist Hans Richter.[2] In 1972 he played in the Jazz Composers Orchestra.[2] Beginning a year later, he worked with Wadada Leo Smith into the 1980s.[2] In 1976, he co-founded the not-for-profit Creative Musicians' Improvisers Forum, which supported musicians and presented concerts until it was dissolved six years later.[3] In 1978 and 1982 he toured Europe with Anthony Braxton in the Creative Music Orchestra.[2] In the 1980s, Naughton, seeking a steady income and health insurance, moved to Providence and began working as locksmith.[3] He recorded again in 2008, with drummer Laurence Cook and bassist Joe Fonda, leading to the album Pawtucket.[3]



As leader

  • Nature's Consort (Otic, 1969)
  • Understanding (Otic, 1972)
  • The Haunt (Otic, 1976)
  • Nauxtagram (Otic, 1979)
  • Solo Vibraphone (Otic, 1979)
  • Zoar (Otic, 2001)
  • Pawtucket (Otic, 2008)
  • Green Street (Otic, 2009)

As sideman


With Anthony Braxton

With Leo Smith

With others


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