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Bobby Trendy

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Bobby Trendy
Bobby Trendy 2017.jpg
Bobby Trendy, West Hollywood, California on February 4, 2017
Born (1988-05-22) May 22, 1988 (age 28)
Valencia, California, USA
Occupation Interior decorator, designer, television personality
Known for Links with Anna Nicole Smith, television appearances

Bobby Trendy is an interior decorator, fashion designer and television personality who first achieved notoriety on The Anna Nicole Show.[1]

Early life

Trendy grew up in Northern California with parents having a software background. Trendy worked at Kmart as a cashier and Wendy's and Denny's. During high school he took every after school class available and was able to obtain a Cosmetology license. Graduating with top honors and scholarships he then went on to study to be a doctor and defense attorney before becoming a designer. At the age of 17 he packed up his bag and moved to a single apartment in Beverly Hills with his saving from Kmart, Denny's and Wendy's.[2]

Early career

While shopping in the mall one day he noticed a store called Merry Go Round going out of business. Everything was 5 dollars he offered the owner one dollar for every piece and to be given the store fixtures for free. The owner agreed. Trendy then took all the fixture down town sold them to the display places. A store for rent was available for $400 a month. He rented it and signed a 25-year lease. He opened his store called Fuel after two year the land lord wanted to sell the building and payed trendy $50K to leave.[3]

Bobby Trendy Designs was born. He rented a store on La Ciengea and Melrose and signed a 25-year lease. Within the first week Carmen Electra came in and dropped $350k on his designs and furnishing. A week later Usher came in, then Tyler Perry. All the celebrities started to come in. KTLA then heard of Bobby and had him do a Friday segment on decorating for their morning show. USC hired Bobby to make 100 sofas and chairs for their new PIRC Student Body Building. The Grove of Anaheim hired him to do their exclusive theatre and Bobby's first order over $500K.[4]

The Anna Nicole Show

Anna Nicole Smith hired Bobby to decorate her new house and made him an instant star by featuring him in her highly rated show. After one day of taping trendy told the producers not to pay him and that he would do the show for free. Trendy also bought commercial air time so the show looked more like his then anyone else's by saturating the show and commercial breaks with his brand name. When the pink "Anna Nicole bed" appeared on the show Trendy sold 225 units in one day at $15000 each, causing his site to crash. Anna Nicole didn't want to do merchandising so Bobby took that up on his own and sold the famous pink bed and pillows and bedding all done in house. He kept all revenue from the sales. HSN approached Bobby to sell his line but after visiting HSN Headquarters in Clearwater Florida, he was not ready to sell his things for that low of a price at that time.[5]

Bobby was hot in the magazines for his fashions and designs, Los Angeles Business Journal was one of the many magazines to do a company profile on him and the New York Observer placed him on the cover in color.[6]

After the death of Anna Nicole Smith in 2007, Trendy made his store into a museum. In 2008 the land lord wanted to sell the building and offered Trendy $875k to move out.[7]

TV Appearances

Bobby had done many shows an interviews. Bobby has appeared on Lifetime's Merge TV series on decorating, The Anna Nicole Show, Nancy Grace, Dr. Phil, Hanity and Combs, Howard Stern, Yes, Dear, VH1's How Did You Get So Rich with Joan Rivers, The Fabulous Life on VH1, Celebrity's Homes on E! and many others. Bobby also participated in online debating with against Nadya Suleman aka Octomom while she was in rehab for Xanax in 2012 and in 2013 he appeared in an episode of The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman on Comedy Central.[8]

Current career

Bobby Trendy is now designing dresses and jewelry and still doing interior design work. Trendy is now working on an affordable line of costume jewelry for the masses and dresses so that any woman can look like his wealthy customers without the expense.[9]


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