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FIRST Robotics Competition
177 - Bobcat Robotics
Bobcat Robotics (emblem).png
Bobcat Robotics blazon
Full name FIRST Robotics Team 177
Nickname(s) Bobcat Robotics
Founded 1995
Organization South Windsor High School
Championships 2 (2 Won)

Bobcat Robotics is a FIRST [1] robotics team from South Windsor, Connecticut. Students from South Windsor High School and engineering mentors from companies such as UTC Power make up this team.

Bobcat Robotics is team number 177 in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Bobcat Robotics joined FIRST in 1995, with ClearEdge Power as its chief sponsor. Since joining, Bobcat Robotics has won the international FIRST championship twice, once in 2007 and once in 2010.

About FIRST[edit]

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) runs the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) which is a high-school level robotics competition. A new game is announced each year and teams have six weeks to build a robot suitable for playing and hopefully winning the game.

Bobcat Robotics Achievements[edit]

Bobcat Robotics won the FIRST International Championship 2007 in cooperation with team 190 (the H.E.R.D. from Worcester, Massachusetts) and team 987 (the High Rollers from Las Vegas, Nevada).[2] Bobcat Robotics won again in 2010 in cooperation with team 294 (Beach Cities Robotics) and team 67 (Heroes of Tomorrow)[3][4] from Milford, Michigan and Redondo Beach, California.[5]

In 2011, Bobcat Robotics placed 2nd overall at the FIRST International Championship held in St. Louis, MO.


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