Bobi Mojsovski

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Bobi Mojsovski
Bobi Mojsovski
Background information
Birth name Boban Mojsovski
Born (1992-08-21)21 August 1992
Origin Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
Genres Pop, rock, Macedonian traditional music, classical music, hard rock,
Occupation(s) Vocalist, musician, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar, keyboards
Years active 2008–present
Notable instruments
Guitars, Keyboards

Boban MojsovskiBobi (Macedonian: Боби Мојсовски) is a Macedonian multi-genre singer from OhridRepublic of Macedonia who is mostly known as the vice-champion of the X Factor Adria 2015 show, highly successful participant on the National Eurovision Song Contest Selection 2011 in Republic of Macedonia and Grand Prix winner of Slavianski Bazaar (2012).

Festivals, Events and Awards[edit]

  • MASSUM Olympiad – (Best vocals award) in Skopje 2007
  • MK TALENT SHOW – 2nd place (vice-champion)
  • Kaneofest 2010 – 1st place of audience & Grand Pri of the festival
  • Ohridfest (Ohridski trubaduri) 2010 – 2nd place in second evening *PoP Evening* (televoting results)
  • National Selection for Eurovision 2010, Macedonia – Skopjefest – 4th place of audience & 7th place on total
  • Discovery Festival in Varna, Bulgaria (2011) – 1st place for best vocal interpretation and 3rd place for best song category
  • International Art Festival "Lake Pearls" (2011) – 1st place in category Estrade Vocal.
  • MakFest 2011 festival in Stip, Republic of Macedonia
  • Eurofest 2011 festival – Best Vocal Interpretation award
  • Slavianski Bazaar 2012 in Vitebsk, Belarus 2012 – Grand Prix
  • First rock concert "Smoke on the water" with the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus in Minsk – November 2012
  • Second rock concert "Smoke on the water" with the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus in Minsk – April 2013
  • Ohridfest (Ohridski trubaduri) 2013 – Best Stage Performance award & 3rd place of audience in PoP evening & 5th place in International Evening
  • MakFest 2013 festival in Stip, Republic of Macedonia
  • * International Art Festival "Lake Pearls" (2014) – 1st laureate & Festival Pearl.
  • X Factor Adria 2015–2nd place (vice-champion)
  • First SOLO Concert at the city square of Ohrid, Macedonia (2015)
  • Kamenicko Kulturno leto concert (2015)
  • Karposovo Kulturno leto performance (2015)
  • Veleska Pitijada performance (2015)


Bobi made his first steps in music at the beginning of the summer 2006, when he bought a guitar and started playing it. In September 2006, he joined a band called "Fatamorgana" (Mirage) taking the role of a vocalist and a rhythm guitarist (lead guitarist later on). November 2007, with his band, he participated on MASSUM Olympiad in Skopje, Macedonia where they've won 2nd place, while Bobi was awarded for Best Vocal of the Olympiad . In addition, he was the lyricist and composer of their first single, titled "Ova e Rokenrol" (This is Rock'n'roll). On 16 October 2008, he participated in a charity concert organized by the Red Cross in loving memory of the music legend "Tose Proeski".

Bobi Mojsovski on the 2nd rock concert in Minsk

Wishing to improve his vocal technique, he worked with the vocal coaches "Brett Manning" (Singing Success) and Joshua Walls who helped him improve, especially in the "Bel Canto" (classical singing) and he was classified as a "Leggiero-Lirico Tenor". In September 2009, Bobi and the bass guitarist formed a new band called "Rocky Road". They also engaged a new drummer.

His first public appearance was in the talent show "MK TALENT" so "Dragan Vucic" (November 2009 – June 2010) where he was awarded 2nd place (vice-champion of the show). A month later, in July 2010, Bobi won 1st place, audience favourite and the Grand Pri of the "Kaneofest 2010" (Macedonian: Канеофест 2010) music festival with his first official single: "Veruvaj mi" Eng. "Believe in me" (lyrics, music: Bobi Mojsoski; Arrangement: Daniel Joveski). Bobi performed his song with his ex-band "Rocky Road" under the alias: Bobi&Rocky Road. A month later (August 2010), he participated at the "Ohridfest 2010" (Macedonian: Охридфест, Охридски трубадури 2010) music festival in Macedonia with his second single "Molitva so bol ljuboven" Eng. "Prayer with a pain of love" (lyrics, music & arrangement: Daniel Joveski). He managed to enter the PoP evening of the festival and win 2nd place (televote results).

On 26 February 2011, he performed at the "Macedonian Eurovision Selection festival 2011" with his third single named "Te Krade Toj" Eng. "He's stealing you from me" (lyrics: Ognen Nedelkovski, Music & Arrangement: Lazar Cvetkovski) where he finished 4th (televote results).

On 15 May 2011, Bobi participated in the International Music Festival "Discovery Fest" in Varna, Bulgaria and won 2 prizes: The Special prize for Best Interpretation (Best performer) and 3rd place in the category: Best Song Nomination. In the Summer 2011, Bobi released a new single called "Race vo Ogan" eng. "Hands in fire"; lyrics: Magdalena Cvetkoska Ena; music & arrangement: Lazar Cvetkoski. On 13 August 2011, Bobi participated in the International Music/Art Festival "Lake Pearls" and was awarded 1st place in the category Estrade Vocal. On 13 October 2011 – Bobi participated in the famous Macedonian festival "Makfest 2011", presenting a new single called "Ke nema sleden pat" Eng. "There won't be a next time" (lyrics: Magdalena Cvetkoska; music&arrangement: Lazar Cvetkoski). On 12 November 2011, Bobi was invited to be a guest at the Skopje international festival "Eurofest" where he was awarded the Best Vocal Interpretation award. And on 16 July 2012, Bobi was awarded the Grand Prix of Slavianski Bazaar 2012 in Vitebsk, Belarus, which is the 2nd Grand Prix for Republic of Macedonia after 12 years, when Tose Proeski won the first. Shortly after Slavianski Bazaar, in November 2012, Bobi gets the opportunity to participate as the main star on the first rock concert with the Presidential Orchestra of Belarus. In February 2013, Bobi releases a new single "Jas i ti" eng."You and me"; lyrics: Bobi Mojsovski; music: Jovan Vasilevski; Arrangement: Goce Simonovski. On 12 April 2013, Bobi participates on the 2nd rock concert in Minsk, as a member of the program "Smoke on the water part 2". On the 23rd of August, with a new single – "Lavina" Eng. “Avalanche" (lyrics: Miodrag Vrcakovski; music: Hris Marin; Arrangement: Vladimir Dojcinovski), on "Ohridfest 2013" wins 2 awards: Award for best stage performance and 3rd place of Audience in Pop evening and 5th place in International Evening. In October 2013, Bobi performs again on the "Makfest 2013", presenting a new single called "Zastani" Eng. "Stop" (lyrics: Borce Dimitrov; music: Grigor Koprov; Arrangement: Vladimir Dojcinoski). In August 2014, Bobi participates on the International Art Festival "Lake Pearls" for a second time, again, winning two awards: 1st laureate in the category Estrade vocal & Festival pearl award. In February 2015, Bobi begins his participation on the regional X Factor Adria show ending 2nd place (vice-champion) in June. On 22 August 2015, Bobi has his First SOLO Concert at the city square in Ohrid, Macedonia. On 27 August 2015, Bobi has a concert performance on the Kamenicko Kulturno Leto", cultural festival. On 29 August 2015, Bobi performs on the Karposovo Kulturno Leto cultural festival. On 15 October 2015, Bobi performs on Veleska Pitijada cultural festival in Veles and was also invited by the Mayor of Veles to take participation in the introduction of the world's largest pita (food) for Guinness. On 11 November 2015, a new single is published, named "Pogledni vo mene" Eng. "Take a look at me"; lyrics: Bobi Mojsovski; music and arrangement: Jovan Vasilevski.


Album Singles[edit]

  • Te krade toj (2011)
  • Ke nema sleden pat (2011)
  • Jas i ti (2013)
  • Zastani (2013)
  • Pogledni vo mene (2015)
  • Januari (2016)


  • Race vo ogan (2012)
  • Lavina (2013)

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