Bobillier (crater)

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Bobillier crater AS17-M-1813.jpg
Apollo 17 Mapping Camera image
Coordinates 19°36′N 15°30′E / 19.6°N 15.5°E / 19.6; 15.5Coordinates: 19°36′N 15°30′E / 19.6°N 15.5°E / 19.6; 15.5
Diameter 6.5 km
Depth 1.2 km
Colongitude 344° at sunrise
Eponym Étienne Bobillier

Bobillier is a tiny, cup-shaped lunar impact crater in the southwest part of Mare Serenitatis. It lies to the north-northwest of the crater Bessel, north of the Menelaus crater and northeast of the Sulpicius Gallus crater. To the south and west is a wrinkle ridge designated Dorsum Buckland. Halfway between the crater and Sulpicius Gallus B satellite crater is a wrinkle ridge designated Dorsa Sorby located southwest.

Bobillier was previously identified as Bessel E before being named by the IAU in 1976.[1]


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