Bobowasi Island

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Bobowasi Island
Location Coast of Ghana
Coordinates 04°52′N 02°15′W / 4.867°N 2.250°W / 4.867; -2.250Coordinates: 04°52′N 02°15′W / 4.867°N 2.250°W / 4.867; -2.250
Region Western Region (Ghana)
Population None

Bobowasi Island is an island in Ghana[1] located in the Axim Bay of the Atlantic Ocean, 1.8 km from the town of Axim and Axim Castle; north of Watts Rock, east of Egwang Rock, and south of Mensell Hedwig Rock, at the geographic coordinates 04°52′N 02°15′W / 4.867°N 2.250°W / 4.867; -2.250.[2] There is a lighthouse on the island.[3] Administratively, it is part of the Western Region of Ghana, 238 kilometers west of the capital, Accra.


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