Boc Maxima

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Boc Maxima
Studio album by Boards of Canada
Released 1996
Recorded 1985-1996
Studio Hexagon Sun Studios, Pentland Hills, Scotland
Genre Ambient techno
Length 64:14
Label Music70 THS017
Producer Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin
Boards of Canada chronology
Boc Maxima
Hi Scores

Boc Maxima was released by Boards of Canada on Music70 in 1996. This is prior to their more public releases on Skam Records and Warp Records. Many of Boc Maxima songs were reused in 1998's Music Has the Right to Children. Boc Maxima was broadcast in full on Disengage in 2002.

Some songs have minor differences. The speech on "One Very Important Thought" differs between the two releases, as does the name of the song "Boc Maxima", renamed "Bocuma" for Music Has the Right to Children. That is because the original version of "One Very Important Thought" was taken directly from the ending of the 1982 pornographic film A Brief Affair, while the version on Music Has the Right to Children has been re-recorded with a reference to Boards of Canada inserted. The original speech was spoken by Lisa DeLeeuw, while the Music Has the Right to Children version was re-recorded by a voice actor - this may have been due to DeLeeuw's alleged death from AIDS in 1993 (she was, in fact, still alive). The song "Timeless" by John Abercrombie used in the background of the original speech can be faintly heard in the background as the song fades out.

"Wildlife Analysis", "Boc Maxima", "Roygbiv", "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" and "One Very Important Thought" later appeared on Music Has the Right to Children. "Everything You Do Is a Balloon", "June 9th", "Nlogax" and "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" also appear on Hi Scores. "Rodox Video", "Nova Scotia Robots", "Skimming Stones", "Carcan", "M9" and "Original Nlogax" appeared on A Few Old Tunes (albeit in slightly different forms). "Sixtyniner" first appeared on Twoism. A longer version of "Chinook" appears on the Aquarius single.

"Niagara", "Red Moss", "Concourse" and "Whitewater" are exclusive to this release.

The physical production of the album was limited to 50 copies world-wide, which were handed out to friends and family.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wildlife Analysis" – 1:08
  2. "Chinook" – 4:25
  3. "Rodox Video" – 0:40
  4. "Everything You Do Is a Balloon" – 6:54
  5. "Boc Maxima" – 1:35
  6. "Roygbiv" – 2:23
  7. "Nova Scotia Robots" – 1:20
  8. "June 9th" – 5:14
  9. "Niagara" – 0:54
  10. "Skimming Stones" – 2:04
  11. "Sixtyniner" – 5:09
  12. "Red Moss" – 6:21
  13. "Concourse" – 1:42
  14. "Carcan" – 1:47
  15. "Nlogax" – 5:11
  16. "M9" – 3:43
  17. "Original Nlogax" – 1:09
  18. "Turquoise Hexagon Sun" – 5:11
  19. "Whitewater" – 6:18
  20. "One Very Important Thought" – 1:04


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