Boca Chica, Chiriquí

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Boca Chica
Town and corregimiento
Boca Chica is located in Panama
Boca Chica
Boca Chica
Coordinates: 8°13′N 82°13′W / 8.217°N 82.217°W / 8.217; -82.217Coordinates: 8°13′N 82°13′W / 8.217°N 82.217°W / 8.217; -82.217
Country Panama
DistrictSan Lorenzo
 • Land88 km2 (34 sq mi)
 • Total441
 • Density5/km2 (10/sq mi)
 Population density calculated based on land area.
Time zoneUTC−5 (EST)

Boca Chica is a town and corregimiento in San Lorenzo District, Chiriquí Province, Panama. It has a land area of 88 square kilometres (34 sq mi) and had a population of 441 as of 2010, giving it a population density of 5 inhabitants per square kilometre (13/sq mi).[1] Its population as of 1990 was 171; its population as of 2000 was 291.[1]

There is only one road (paved in 2008) to this town and it ends at the estuary of the Pedregal River with the island of Boca Brava just across the water. Boca Chica is the main jumping off point for the islands in the Gulf of Chiriquí. The village is known for its sport fishing (black marlin, dorado and tuna are abundant) and many businesses in the area are geared toward that activity.

Boca Chica is the home to the Annual International Jigging and Popping Tournament (the first held on June 11, 2009) where the winner took in a 130 lb. yellowfin tuna for a $10,000 prize[2]

Its popularity as a prime fishing destination has attracted a number of developers to the Boca Chica area. As a result, a growing expat population has been established in recent years.

It is also a popular anchorage for sailboat and Powerboat Cruisers. Its proximity to David and Pedregal make it a well protected provisioning anchorage with basic services. Served by a regional airport in Pedregal, and by several Bus lines.


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