Bocas del Dragón

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Dragon's Mouths
Bocas del Dragón
View of the Paria Peninsula in Venezuela that is separated from Trinidad by the waters of Boca Grande, one of the Bocas del Dragón
Location Gulf of PariaCaribbean Sea (Atlantic Ocean)
Coordinates 10°45′N 61°46′W / 10.750°N 61.767°W / 10.750; -61.767Coordinates: 10°45′N 61°46′W / 10.750°N 61.767°W / 10.750; -61.767
Type Strait
Basin countries Venezuela
Trinidad and Tobago

The Bocas del Dragón (Dragon's Mouths) is the name of the series of straits separating the Gulf of Paria from the Caribbean Sea. There are four Bocas, from west to east: