Bocchi the Rock!

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Bocchi the Rock!
First tankōbon volume cover, featuring Hitori Gotō
(Botchi Za Rokku!)
Written byAki Hamaji
Published byHoubunsha
English publisher
MagazineManga Time Kirara Max
Original runDecember 19, 2017 – present
Anime television series
Directed byKeiichirō Saitō
Written byErika Yoshida
Music byTomoki Kikuya
Licensed byCrunchyroll
Original networkTokyo MX, BS11, GTV, GYT, MRT, MBS, RKB, AT-X, Wowow
English network
Original run October 9, 2022 December 25, 2022
Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden: Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki
Written byAki Hamaji
Illustrated byKumichou
Published byHoubunsha
MagazineComic Fuz
Original runJuly 9, 2023 – present
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Bocchi the Rock! (ぼっち・ざ・ろっく!, Botchi Za Rokku!) is a Japanese four-panel manga series written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji. It has been serialized in Houbunsha's seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Max since December 2017. Its chapters have been collected in six tankōbon volumes as of August 2023. A spin-off manga series, titled Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden: Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki, began publication in July 2023.

An anime television series adaptation produced by CloverWorks aired from October to December 2022. The series has been praised for its writing, comedy, characters, and depiction of social anxiety, with the anime's visual creativity receiving acclaim.


Extremely anxious and socially awkward Hitori Gotōh longs to become a rock musician in spite of her struggles, whilst fulfilling her desires to one day make friends. She is suddenly given a chance to do so after she is taken in by Nijika Ijichi to become a member of her newly formed Kessoku Band.


Kessoku Band[edit]

The logo of Kessoku Band.

Kessoku Band (結束バンド, Kessoku Bando, lit. "zip tie", a pun on "unity band") is the central band in the series, based in Starry, a live house in Shimokitazawa. The members' family names are derived from the real-life J-rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation, with their instrumental roles matching as well (for example, the Yamadas of both bands play bass).[3]

Hitori Gotōh (後藤 ひとり, Gotō Hitori) / Bocchi (ぼっち, Botchi)
Voiced by: Yoshino Aoyama[4]
Portrayed by: Mamo Mamono (stage play)[5]
The lead guitarist of Kessoku Band. An extreme introvert who has trouble with most social interactions. Having been inspired by her father, she learned how to play guitar in her first year of middle school, thinking this would help her make friends. Despite becoming incredibly skilled at playing guitar and having a small fanbase online (under the alias "guitarhero"), she still has not been able to make friends as easily until she was dragged into playing with Kessoku Band. Since then, Hitori has gained a few friends and is learning to interact with other people. She is usually seen wearing a pink tracksuit, which she even wears over her school uniform. Her surname comes from Masafumi Gotoh. Her nickname Bocchi is a reference to hitoribocchi (一人ぼっち), a term for being alone.
Nijika Ijichi (伊地知 虹夏, Ijichi Nijika)
Voiced by: Sayumi Suzushiro[6]
Portrayed by: Miki Ohtake (stage play)[5]
The drummer and leader of Kessoku Band. Her older sister, Seika, runs a live house where they often play. Nijika looks up to Seika, since they lost their mother at a young age and their father disappeared. She's very kind, cheerful, friendly and outgoing, and is the one holding the group together and helping Bocchi with her social anxiety the most. Her surname comes from Kiyoshi Ijichi.
Ryō Yamada (山田 リョウ, Yamada Ryō)
Voiced by: Saku Mizuno[7]
Portrayed by: Karin Osanai (stage play)[5]
The aloof, quiet and mischievous bassist of Kessoku Band with a cool demeanor and an androgynous appearance, to the point she sometimes attracts other girls (including Kita) without intending to. She often spends what allowance she gets from her family on new music equipment, which leaves her with little money for anything else, to the point of eating weeds when she has no money for food. After having a falling out with her last band over creative differences, Ryo was convinced by Nijika to start a new one with her. Her surname comes from Takahiro Yamada.
Ikuyo Kita (喜多 郁代, Kita Ikuyo)
Voiced by: Ikumi Hasegawa[8]
Portrayed by: Mirai Ohmori (stage play)[5]
The singer and rhythm guitarist of Kessoku Band, who attends the same high school as Hitori. In contrast to Hitori, she is a cheerful, charismatic extrovert who has an active social life, to the point that her extroversion manifests as an overwhelming aura at times. She initially joined Kessoku Band to get closer to Ryo, whom she has a crush on, but fled after lying about her guitar playing skills. With Bocchi's help, she becomes a decent guitar player in her own right, and soon settles on playing secondary guitar and providing the band's main vocals. She refers to herself as Kita Kita due to her strong dislike of her given name, which causes her to have a Bocchi-like meltdown when discussing it. Her surname comes from Kensuke Kita.

Sick Hack[edit]

Sick Hack is a psychedelic rock band based in Folt, a live house in Shinjuku. The members share their last names with those of the real-life band 88Kasyo Junrei.

Kikuri Hiroi (廣井 きくり, Hiroi Kikuri)
Voiced by: Sayaka Senbongi
The bassist and vocalist of Sick Hack. An alcoholic who spends most of her money on booze, particularly boxes of Onikoroshi brand sake, and calls her bass guitar "Shuten-dōji EX." She was formerly a junior of Seika in college. She finds kinship with Hitori after coming from a similarly reclusive childhood. Her surname comes from Margaret Hiroi.
Eliza Schmitz (清水 イライザ, Shimizu Iraiza)
Voiced by: Sally Amaki[9]
The guitarist of Sick Hack. Her surname comes from Katzuya Shimizu.
Shima Iwashita (岩下 志麻, Iwashita Shima)
Voiced by: Maki Kawase[10]
The drummer of Sick Hack.


Sideros is a metal band based in Folt. The members share their last names with those of the real-life band Kinniku Shōjo Tai.

Yoyoko Ōtsuki (大槻 ヨヨコ, Ōtsuki Yoyoko)
The guitarist and vocalist of Sideros. Her surname comes from Kenji Ōtsuki.
Akubi Hasegawa (長谷川 あくび, Hasegawa Akubi)
The drummer of Sideros. Her surname comes from Kōji Hasegawa.
Fūko Honjō (本城 楓子, Honjō Fūko)
The guitarist of Sideros, whose surname comes from Toshiaki Honjō.
Yuyu Uchida (内田 幽々, Uchida Yuyu)
The bassist of Sideros. Her surname comes from Yūichirō Uchida.

Other music-related characters[edit]

Seika Ijichi (伊地知 星歌, Ijichi Seika)
Voiced by: Maaya Uchida[11]
Nijika's older sister and the manager of Starry. Professional, serious and aloof with a soft side, she is described by Nijika as a tsundere.
PA-san (PAさん, PA-san)
Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai[12]
The unnamed public address system engineer of Starry. Her intimidating goth style and piercings belie her kind nature.
Ginjirō Yoshida (吉田 銀次郎, Yoshida Ginjirō)
The manager of Folt.
Poison Yami (ぽいずん♡やみ, Poizun Yami)
A freelance writer who contributes to music information websites.
Miyako Shiba (司馬 都, Shiba Miyako)
A manager of Stray Beat, a record label. She is in charge of managing Kessoku Band.
Fan No.1 and No.2 of Kessoku Band (結束バンドのファン1号・2号)
Voiced by: Kana Ichinose (No.1), Miyuri Shimabukuro (No.2)
Two girls who bought tickets to Kessoku Band's show at Starry after listening to Bocchi's impromptu street performance in Kanazawa Ward, Yokohama. After that, they have attended several of Kessoku Band's performances. Their real names are unknown; the one with long hair is known as No. 1, and the one with short hair is known as No. 2. They are students of the film department of an art university, and Kessoku Band let them assist in the shooting of their music video.

Gotō family[edit]

Michiyo Gotō (後藤 美智代, Gotō Michiyo)
Voiced by: Rie Suegara[13]
Hitori's mother.
Naoki Gotō (後藤 直樹, Gotō Naoki)
Voiced by: Junji Majima[14]
Hitori's father, whose face is never shown. Hitori's first guitar was originally his.
Futari Gotō (後藤 ふたり, Gotō Futari)
Voiced by: Misaki Watada[15]
Hitori's younger sister.
JimiHen (ジミヘン, JimiHen)
Voiced by: Kotori Koiwai[16]
The family's pet dog, named after Jimi Hendrix.



Shelter, the live house located in Shimokitazawa upon which the fictional Starry, a primary setting of the series, is based.

After finishing with her first title in Manga Time Kirara Max (Kirari Books Meisouchuu), which was mainly about young girls dealing with moe things, Aki Hamaji considered doing a manga about bands next, as listening to bands is one of her favorite hobbies. However, she did not have any actual experience being in a band or playing an instrument prior to the making of the series, so she conducted extensive research by doing things like asking an acquaintance more familiar with the indie band scene, listening and reading more about the culture, and visiting places that are prominent to the scene (like the live house Shelter in Shimokitazawa, which would end up being the model for the live house Starry).[3]

Being aware of the popularity of K-On!, also a Houbunsha-published series with a band setting, Hamaji intentionally set the story around a live house instead of mainly in school to differentiate it. She also admitted using Beck as a reference in making the series as well.[3]

A Gibson Les Paul Custom, the guitar chosen as the initial instrument of main character Hitori "Bocchi" Gotō

Most of the chapter covers have references to the music videos of Japanese rock bands; most of them would be songs that she liked to listen to, while some others were instead relevant to their respective chapter stories. She also avoided using onomatopoeia or creating lyrics for any of the performance scenes, leaving the finer details of the band's performance to readers' imaginations, although some of the songs do have names originally mentioned in the manga. While the manga is mostly in a four-panel format, in serious moments she intended to have it follow a conventional manga format as well.[3]

In an interview published shortly after the anime finished airing, Hamaji revealed that the designs of most of her characters in the series were purposely done in a simple way; commenting about Bocchi's design specifically, she said she intentionally created a character who doesn't have any fashion sense, and her pink hair color may have been inspired by Kaoruko Moeta from Comic Girls (also a Kirara Max series), although pink-haired characters are common in Kirara titles. She also said that she decided on the color of Bocchi's guitar to be black because of how it made a good balance with the color scheme of her design, but chose a Gibson Les Paul Custom as the exact model of her first guitar because it was the first result when searching for a guitar with that specific color on the internet.[17][18] She also admitted that Bocchi's personality is a projection of hers and that she relates with Bocchi the most among all characters.[17]

Anime adaptation[edit]

A scene from the anime showing the surreal presentation of Hitori's social anxiety and other characters' reactions to her

Prior to the greenlighting of Bocchi the Rock!'s anime adaptation, character designer and chief animation director Kerorira was a fan of the manga for its comedy, art style, and characters, and in particular Hitori's "unhinged" nature.[19] While meeting with animation producer Shouta Umehara at an illustrator exhibition, Kerorira brought up Bocchi in conversation and expressed a desire to work on an anime adaptation of the series. As it so happened, Aniplex had just recently proposed such a project to CloverWorks, as Umehara learned when he inquired to his superior, Yuichi Fukishima, about the possibility.[20][19] Kerorira joined the project (becoming the first to do so) as its character designer after expressing his enthusiasm for the series and presenting his drawings of the characters. In addition to the character designs and animation supervision, Kerorira also contributed a significant amount of key animation to the project[20] (estimated by Umehara to amount to somewhere between 500 and 600 cuts of animation,[19] around two episodes' equivalent),[21] which he stated was done to provide the other animators with an understanding of the "platonic ideal" of the anime's production value.[19] Kerorira felt that providing such a baseline as the chief animation director would allow for smoother collaboration, as it would lead to a creatively unified end product while allowing the animation staff to incorporate their own individual expression, and limit the amount of corrections that would need to be made after the fact.[19]

Series director Keiichiro Saitō, who previously served as episode director on The Idolmaster SideM and Sonny Boy, came to work on the anime adaptation of Bocchi the Rock! after Kerorira recommended him to animation producer Shouta Umehara.[22][20][19] As Umehara was familiar with Saitō's work having served as an episode director for The Idolmaster, he considered Saitō to be an ideal choice, and Saitō joined the project as director a few days later after discussions with Umehara and Kerorira.[20][19] Erika Yoshida, the screenwriter in charge of series composition, was recommended on referral from a colleague of Umehara's at Aniplex, who had previously collaborated with Yoshida on Love Me, Love Me Not.[19] As he was aware of Bocchi's similarity in premise and genre to K-On!, Umehara spoke to Kerorira asking him what unique qualities Bocchi had which would distinguish it from K-On!, and worked to help ensure that capturing those aspects of the series was a priority of the production.[19]

In reading the manga prior to production, Saitō was attracted to the relationships between Bocchi and the supporting cast, which were not as intimate as relationships depicted in similar works and gave Saitō the impression that "they respect each other’s individuality and personal space." He found this quality of the story to be both personally relatable and distinctive.[20][19] Saitō also liked the ways in which Hitori's expressions were often exaggerated to perceptibly disturbing extents in contravention of moe conventions.[19] This aspect of Hitori's characterization was expanded upon in the anime, as Saitō believed that "girls who are flawlessly beautiful aren’t as cute as girls who are a little mysterious or sometimes make weird faces."[19] Kerorira additionally said that Hitori's withdrawn nature made it more difficult to depict her emotions visually compared to those of the other characters. As such, her basic facial expressions were limited, while the animation relied on the more "slapstick" scenes of exaggeration to depict her emotions.[19] Although consideration was taken to ensure Hitori was consistently cute, even when the animation was exaggerating her facial features, the comedy of such exaggeration was generally prioritized.[19]

In adapting Bocchi the Rock! from its original 4-koma format, Saitō and Yoshida introduced numerous substantial differences from the source material, such as rearranging events and altering some jokes to aid the anime version's pacing and surreal presentation.[20] Saitō and Yoshida added more of a surrealist bent to the anime as they wanted to prioritize comedy and emotion over a wholly realistic depiction, and felt that the choice of cutaway gags to the anime allowed them to better convey the story while ensuring that every episode had a clear focus.[19] In integrating these cutaways into the anime, Saitō chose to contrast main character Hitori's thoughts during her instances of introspection and "strange" behavior with the external reactions to and conversations about Hitori among the supporting cast. This was done both for storytelling considerations such as the direction and pacing of certain scenes, and also to present Hitori more empathetically by showing that the supporting cast did not regard her as pathetically as she would be wont to believe.[19] Saitō said that whether or not a conversation between the supporting cast occurring during these moments needed to be depicted in detail or not was one of the most difficult aspects of the production.[19]

To create the live concert scenes of the anime, the production team recorded physical actors playing the concerts. The recording was then adapted into a computer-generated previsualization so that the animators could establish their preferred shot direction for the scenes using a virtual camera system. The previsualization was then used as the basis for the final animation. To ensure that the characters were portrayed accurately in these scenes, the actors were given information about the characters and advised on how to convincingly physically act as them.[19][20] The music production team at Aniplex were consulted by Saitō to ensure that the ambient noise in the concert scenes was accurate to reality, although it was sometimes omitted when Saitō deemed that it would detract from an important dramatic scene.[19]



Main series[edit]

Bocchi the Rock! is written and illustrated by Aki Hamaji. It was initially serialized on Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Max magazine on December 19, 2017, as a guest work.[23] A full serialization started in the same magazine on March 19, 2018.[24] It has been collected in six tankōbon volumes as of August 25, 2023.[25]

During their Sakura-Con 2023 panel, Yen Press announced that they licensed the manga for English publication.[26] The first volume was released on October 17, 2023.[27]

The manga also received localisation in Korean by Daewon C.I, in Traditional Chinese by Tong Li Publishing,[28] in Vietnamese by Kim Dong Publishing House, in French by Meian,[29] in Italian by Ishi Publishing,[30] in Argentina and Spain by Ivrea, and in Indonesian by M&C!.[31]

No. Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 February 27, 2019[25]978-4-8322-7072-5October 17, 2023[27]978-1-9753-7800-4
2 February 27, 2020[25]978-4-8322-7170-8January 23, 2024[32]978-1-9753-7802-8
3 February 25, 2021[25]978-4-8322-7252-1May 21, 2024[33]978-1-9753-7804-2
4 August 26, 2022[25]978-4-8322-7388-7August 20, 2024[34]978-1-9753-7806-6
5 November 26, 2022[25]978-4-8322-7419-8
6 August 25, 2023[25]978-4-8322-7477-8


A spin-off anthology comic is also being released, the first volume on October 27, 2022, the second on August 25, 2023.[35]

A spin-off manga series illustrated by Kumichou, titled Bocchi the Rock! Gaiden: Hiroi Kikuri no Fukazake Nikki (ぼっち・ざ・ろっく!外伝 廣井きくりの深酒日記), began serialization on Houbunsha's Comic Fuz website on July 9, 2023. It features supporting character Kikuri Hiroi as the central protagonist.[36][37] The first volume of the spin-off series was released physically on February 1, 2024 after early digital release on January 25 of the same year.[38]

No. Release date ISBN
1 February 1, 2024[39]978-4-8322-0365-5


An anime television series adaptation was announced on February 18, 2021.[40] It was produced by CloverWorks and directed by Keiichirō Saitō, with Yūsuke Yamamoto serving as assistant director, Erika Yoshida writing the series' scripts, Kerorira designing the characters, and Tomoki Kikuya composing the music. The series aired from October 9 to December 25, 2022, on Tokyo MX and other networks.[4][41][a] Kessoku Band performed the opening theme "Seishun Complex" (青春コンプレックス, Youth Complex), as well as the ending theme "Distortion!!".[43] Crunchyroll licensed the series outside of Asia.[44] Plus Media Networks Asia licensed the series in Southeast Asia and released it on Aniplus Asia and Bilibili.[45] Several web series featuring the voice cast were also produced alongside the anime as cross-promotion.[46][47][48]

Many of the anime's episode titles come from songs by rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation, such as "After Dark" and "Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu", with the final episode ending with a Kessoku Band cover of the latter.

A compilation film of the series was announced on May 21, 2023.[49] It will split into two parts.[50][51] In November 2023, it was revealed the two parts would be titled "Re:" and "Re:Re:" respectively.[52] The two parts of the compilation film will open on June 7 and August 9 respectively. Kessoku Band is performing the song "Tsukinami ni Kagayaki" (月波に輝く, Sparkle as Usual).[53]


No.Title [54][b]Directed by [54]Storyboarded by [54]Original air date [56]
1"Lonely Rolling Bocchi"
Transliteration: "Korogaru Botchi" (Japanese: 転がるぼっち)
Keiichirō SaitōKeiichirō SaitōOctober 9, 2022 (2022-10-09)
Hitori Gotō is an extremely introverted girl who has trouble making friends or working in groups at school. When she sees a rock band being interviewed on TV, she decides to start playing guitar, thinking it will make her more friends. Unfortunately, her social anxiety keeps her from making friends throughout middle school, but she finds some modest success playing covers of popular songs and posting them online under the alias "guitarhero". After struggling to be sociable during her first year of highschool, a girl named Nijika Ijichi begs her to replace a guitarist who left the group before the band plays their show. Hitori follows Nijika to an underground bar and meets her other bandmate, Ryō Yamada, who plays the bass. Despite playing poorly at the live show, Hitori is glad that the others gave her the nickname "Bocchi," and that they are fans of her "guitarhero" channel (though they are unaware Hitori is guitarhero). However, Hitori races home shortly after the show, feeling exhausted from the various social interactions that day.
2"See You Tomorrow"
Transliteration: "Mata Ashita" (Japanese: また明日)
Yoshiyuki FujiwaraKeiichirō SaitōOctober 16, 2022 (2022-10-16)
Bocchi gets a quick lesson on how many clubs charge bands for performing depending on the number of tickets they sell. In need of money to make up for their poor performance, the band decide to get a job at the same club they just performed, as Nijika's older sister Seika is the manager there. Bocchi tries to make herself get a cold to avoid having to work and interact with people, but ends up healthy enough to go anyway. Despite her unease at pouring and serving drinks in a full club, she is able to get through the workday and get inspired by seeing another rock band perform. However, the next day, she suffers a cold for real.
3"Be Right There"
Transliteration: "Hase Sanzu" (Japanese: 馳せサンズ)
Yūsuke YamamotoYūsuke YamamotoOctober 23, 2022 (2022-10-23)
Bocchi tries to work up the nerve to ask her classmate, Ikuyo "Kita" Kita, to be the vocalist and backup guitarist. Kita wants Bocchi's help in learning how to play the guitar to get closer to her senior bandmate. However, as the two of them travel to Shimokitazawa, Kita panics after seeing Nijika and Ryo, as she was the guitarist who fled before their previous live show. The manager convinces Kita to work at the club, and she immediately makes a good impression on the others, though Bocchi feels jealous. Kita does not think she can join the band after running away before, but after working the show, the other girls convince her to try again.
4"Jumping Girl(s)"
Transliteration: "Janpingu Gāru(zu)" (Japanese: ジャンピングガール(ズ))
Nobuhide KariyaNobuhide KariyaOctober 30, 2022 (2022-10-30)
Bocchi is tasked with writing lyrics to a new original song. She even tries to put herself in the mindset of a party girl, but ends up frightening her family. The next day, the band decides to go out to a park for inspiration and to increase their online social media presence with some group photos. However, Bocchi has a breakdown at the thought of turning into an "attention whore" online. Later, Bocchi meets Ryo in a small café, and learns that Ryo used to be active in another band but left after she felt they were selling out to chase popular trends. That night, Bocchi finds the inspiration to write a new song, and hopes to take more photos with her band.
5"Flightless Fish"
Transliteration: "Tobenai Sakana" (Japanese: 飛べない魚)
Yūsuke KawakamiYūsuke KawakamiNovember 6, 2022 (2022-11-06)
Nijika is shocked to find that Seika will not let them back on stage for the club's next live show without auditioning first. The band decides to focus on practicing their new original song over the next week. The band manages to pass the audition, with Seika quietly telling her friend that she initially blocked Nijika's band to motivate them to work harder. Bocchi is wracked with fear after hearing she will have to sell at least five tickets to help the band break even with the venue's reserve fee.
6"Eight Views"
Transliteration: "Hakkei" (Japanese: 八景)
Yoshiyuki FujiwaraYoshiyuki FujiwaraNovember 13, 2022 (2022-11-13)
Bocchi faces a difficult task after realizing that the only people close to her who can buy her tickets are her parents; her pride prevents her from asking for their help to sell the others. As she sits in a park in a state of melancholy, an alcoholic woman, Kikuri Hiroi, stumbles by; in the conversation that follows, she reveals that she plays the bass for another band and, as a thank-you to Bocchi for buying her food, sets up an impromptu live show on the street with her to help her sell her remaining tickets. After the performance ends, a couple of girls buy two of the tickets from Bocchi, and Kikuri buys the third and last one. While watching a fireworks show, Bocchi responds to her bandmates that she sold all her tickets, but they assume she's lying to save face.
7"To Your House"
Transliteration: "Kimi no Uchi Made" (Japanese: 君の家まで)
Keisuke ShinoharaJanchiki AmataNovember 20, 2022 (2022-11-20)
Nijika and Kita decide to come to Bocchi's house to consider designs for the T-shirts they will wear at the concert. Since this is Bocchi's first time inviting someone to her house, she goes overboard with her decorations and confuses her bandmates; her parents, despite not believing that Bocchi actually has friends, spend time with the group. At evening, they realize they have spent the whole day without coming up with any designs and decide to use Nijika's initial simple T-shirts design. Unfortunately, a typhoon abruptly changes course, coming near Tokyo on the date of their live performance.
8"Bocchi the Rock"
Transliteration: "Botchi Za Rokku" (Japanese: ぼっち・ざ・ろっく)
Takeshi SeoKeiichirō SaitōNovember 27, 2022 (2022-11-27)
Despite the typhoon cutting down the expected attendance rate, Kessoku Band moves forward with their concert. Seeing the smaller crowd and hearing their less-than-excited comments on the show, the band members, save for Bocchi, take a huge hit to their morale and make several mistakes in their opening number not present during their audition. Unable to accept this, Bocchi plays out a spur-of-the-moment guitar solo, snapping the girls out of their slump and letting them play out the rest of the concert successfully. At the end of the day, Nijika tells Bocchi that she has deduced her identity as "guitarhero". Bocchi apologizes, stating that she wanted to reveal her identity after she improved herself so as to not disappoint her fans. However, Nijika states her belief that with Bocchi by their side, her dreams to follow Seika's footsteps and make her live house famous will come true, as long as she keeps showing her bandmates and audience how "Bocchi the Rock" rocks the stage.
9"Enoshima Escar"
Transliteration: "Enoshima Esukā" (Japanese: 江ノ島エスカー)
Yoshihiro HiramineYoshihiro HiramineDecember 4, 2022 (2022-12-04)
At the end of summer vacation, Bocchi is utterly depressed and disappointed over the fact that none of the bandmates invited her out like typical high schoolers should, so they invite her to the Enoshima coast out of pity to make memories. But their excursion leads to several mishaps that include being hit on by strangers, losing more money to Ryo, being attacked by black kites, and developing several muscle aches the next day after climbing the long stairs to the Enoshima shrine. Despite this, Bocchi has fun to the point where she wishes she could go back to the first day of summer.
10"After Dark"
Transliteration: "Afutā Dāku" (Japanese: アフターダーク)
Yūsuke KawakamiYūsuke KawakamiDecember 11, 2022 (2022-12-11)
Bocchi hears that her school is accepting bands to play at their upcoming cultural festival, but can't bring herself to actually turn in the application form for Kessoku Band. Kita submits the form for her, but later feels guilty after seeing Bocchi's reaction. Kikuri later shows up at Starry and invites Kessoku Band to see her band "Sick Hack" perform live at a Shinjuku club called Folt, where they play a more psychedelic rock style. After the show, Kikuri tells Bocchi that she was also a reclusive loner throughout school who thought playing guitar would make her popular, and she drank to deal with her nerves the day of her first live performance. Kikuri then promises to come see Bocchi's next show at her school. Bocchi later tells Kita that she's looking forward to the festival.
11"Duodecimal Sunset"
Transliteration: "Jūnishinhō no Yūkei" (Japanese: 十二進法の夕景)
Yūsuke YamamotoYūsuke YamamotoDecember 18, 2022 (2022-12-18)
During the first day of the cultural festival, Bocchi hides in a secluded corner of the school, and realizes that she hasn't updated her "guitarhero" video account in a while, fearing her online fans will leave her with nothing if she doesn't post soon. Bocchi's bandmates manage to find her, and the four enjoy touring the school before taking her back to her class, as she was trying to stall to escape her maid café duties. While Bocchi struggles to do the bare minimum as a maid, her bandmates find more success when Bocchi's classmates dress them up as maids and Ryo as a butler. Later, Kessoku Band takes a look at the gym where they will be performing, and Bocchi talks about how she borrowed her old guitar from her father. The next day, Kessoku Band's family and friends, plus Hiroi, show up in the audience as they take the stage to play an original set.
12"Morning Light Falls on You"
Transliteration: "Kimi ni Asa ga Furu" (Japanese: 君に朝が降る)
Keiichirō SaitōKeiichirō SaitōDecember 25, 2022 (2022-12-25)
During the concert, Bocchi's guitar sounds out of tune and one of the strings even snaps before her solo, but she manages to pull through thanks to Kita's improvising plus using one of Hiroi's glass sake containers as a makeshift bottleneck slide. After finishing the song, Kita tries to let Bocchi have the spotlight, but Bocchi panics and tries to stage dive into the crowd, falling flat on her face. After recovering from the concert, Bocchi's father reveals he secretly monetized Bocchi's "guitarhero" account and gives her the money from the channel's ad revenue, telling her to buy a new guitar with it. Bocchi goes shopping with her bandmates, and despite being scared of interacting with the staff inside, finally settles on a new guitar with Kita's help.


The opening theme of the anime series is "Seishun Complex" sung by Ikuyo Kita (Ikumi Hasegawa), and the anime has four ending themes: "Distortion!!" also sung by Ikumi Hasegawa from episodes 1–3, "Karakara" sung by Ryo Yamada (Saku Mizuno) from episodes 4–7, "Nani ga Warui" sung by Nijika Ijichi (Sayumi Suzushiro) from episodes 8–11, and "Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu", a cover of the Asian Kung-Fu Generation song of the same name, sung by Hitori Gotō (Yoshino Aoyama) in episode 12. The series also had a number of insert songs, including "Guitar to Kodoku to Aoihoshi" in episode 5, "Ano Bando" in episode 8, "Watashi Dake Yuurei" in episode 10, and "Wasurete Yaranai" and "Seiza ni Naretara" in episode 12. Each of these insert songs were also sung by Ikumi Hasegawa, except "Watashi Dake Yuurei", which was sung by Kikuri Hiroi (Sayaka Senbongi).

Most of these songs had a digital single released individually on various streaming platforms on the same day as their anime debuts: "Seishun Complex" and "Distortion!!" on October 9, "Karakara" on October 30, "Guitar to Kodoku to Aoihoshi" on November 6, "Ano Bando" and "Nani ga Warui" on November 27, and "Wasurete Yaranai", "Seiza ni Naretara" and "Korogaru Iwa, Kimi ni Asa ga Furu" on December 25, 2022. A full single of Seishun Complex, including the B side track "Hitoribocchi Tokyo" (played in the teaser video of the series) and instrumental versions of both songs released on October 12, 2022 on digital platforms and in physical stores.[57] However, the song "Watashi Dake Yuurei" was only released alongside the fifth volume of the anime in Blu-Ray on April 26, 2023.[58]

A full album of songs by Kessoku Band, named Kessoku Band, was also released digitally on December 25 and later physically on December 28, 2022. It contained 14 songs, nine of them originally featured in the anime as opening, ending and insert songs, while the rest were original songs exclusive to the album or not featured in the main series, like "Hitoribocchi Tokyo" and "Flashbacker" (the former was used in the teaser video and the latter was used in a post-premiere PV). The original soundtracks of the anime were released as two volumes, each included in the first two Blu-Ray releases of the anime on December 28, 2022 and January 25, 2023, respectively.[58]

On May 22, 2023 Kessoku Band released a single titled "Hikari no Naka e" featuring two new songs. A live event to celebrate the release featuring the main voice cast was held at Zepp Haneda prior to the release.[59]


The main characters from this series were added to Manga Time Kirara's mobile RPG game Kirara Fantasia shortly after the first anime episode premiered.[60] All characters are voiced by their respective anime voice actresses.

Stage play[edit]

A stage play adaptation at the Theater Milano-Za in Tokyo, titled Live Stage "Bocchi the Rock!", ran from August 11–20, 2023.[61] The play is written and directed by Akira Yamazaki.[5] The Blu-Ray and DVD of the stage play was released on February 28, 2024.[62]

A re-performance and the sequel of the stage play, were scheduled to be perform in September 2024.[63]



Cosplay of series protagonist Hitori "Bocchi" Gotō

The anime was not as highly anticipated by audiences as many more previously established series airing at the same time, such as Chainsaw Man and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. However as the anime progressed, it gained a larger audience due to clips from the anime going viral online.[64]

The series' sudden growth in popularity following the airing of the anime prompted an unexpected influx of fans who formed an excessive line at mangaka Aki Hamaji's booth at Comiket 101 on December 30, 2022, prompting event organizers to direct Hamaji to a different location. Consequently, Hamaji moved her booth outside of the event hall and published a map directing fans to its new location. Wares at Hamaji's booth were exhausted by 12:51 pm that day.[65]

The manga had also reportedly been sold out in various bookstores both during and after the anime's broadcasting, prompting Houbunsha to announce three rounds of reprints of all of the manga's volumes, including the Anthology Comic, one month after the final episode aired, with added copies printed for each of those rounds.[66][67] The magazine the manga is published in, Manga Time Kirara MAX, had also reportedly sold out of its January and February issues on their first days of circulation, helped by the January issue featuring a guitar pick as a bonus to celebrate the anime's airing.[citation needed]

The popularity of the anime also led to skyrocketing demand for musical instruments, especially guitars, where instrument shops recorded a spike of instruments being sold right after the anime ended. Models used specifically by the characters (like the Gibson Les Paul and Yamaha Pacifica guitars used by Bocchi) went out of stock, with no definite restock date. Sales of instruments to beginners also increased (with stocks being depleted in some cases), as many people started to pick up instruments to play due to the series.[68]

Shimokitazawa, particularly the Shelter live house that Starry is based on, also recorded an increase of visitors making otaku pilgrimages to places appearing in the series. However, uneasiness and worries from others, including Shelter management, resulted after obtrusive behaviour by visitors (which included attempted unpaid viewing of live performances). A sign written in English, Japanese, and Korean was installed by Shelter to discourage visitors from descending the iconic stairs to its side entrance. The official website of the series subsequently issued a reminder to fans to behave properly when visiting such places and support paid performances.[69]

Despite all issues, the town still managed to take advantage of Bocchi the Rock!'s popularity. Kessoku Band has been appointed as Shimokitazawa official ambassadors as part of the town promotion of Shimokitazawa Curry Fest 2023, where food premises around Shimokitazawa offered various curry menus and will hold a stamp rally where visitors can redeem merchandises by collecting stamps from purchases, which prizes includes Kessoku Band-featured merchandises as well.[70]



The anime's popularity boosted manga sales as the whole series recorded 202,481 copies sold, earning it twelfth place for most manga sold on the month of December according to Oricon.[71] Lack of stocks later hampered January sales, but as large reprints replenished stocks in most storebooks, the manga recorded another big sales on February with 193,348 copies of the whole series sold, seventh most for that month.[72] Increase of demands and reprints also surged numbers of circulations of the series, as in January 2023, Houbunsha announced the series marked one million copies in circulation, not including the digital versions, and subsequently hit 2 million copies in circulation in March.[73][74][75] The series hit 3 million copies in circulation in January 2024.[76] It was Yen Press' fifth best selling manga title that debuted in 2023.[77]

Critical reception[edit]

Christopher Farris complimented the manga's first volume and describes about Hitori "Bocchi" Gotou: "She's technically the least-suited person to be standing in the spotlight of anything, but that means most of the entertainment value manifests in the way she's a commanding cringe callout post for readers who relate even a little bit to her litany of struggles." Christopher also highlighted the dramatic and humor moments about not just Bocchi's anxieties and the natural talent but the overall struggles of forming and following the path of a performing band. He concludes: "There's a density to the format that means you feel like you're getting a lot of bang for your buck just in this first volume (including the appearance of everyone's favorite, Kikuri Hiroi), though that can also mean things feel just a little dragged-out in places. But a structural nitpick or two can't stop Bocchi the Rock! from being worth checking out on its own terms."[78]


In 2019, the manga series ranked eighth at the fifth Next Manga Awards in the print category, organized by Da Vinci magazine from Media Factory and the Niconico website.[79]



Blu-ray and DVD sales reached 14,821 and 1,972 copies respectively in the first week of release of the first volume, and placed second for the most Blu-ray sales that week.[80] The second volume records 16,205 and 588 copies sold respectively for Blu-ray and DVD in the first release week.[81] The third volume records 17,856 Blu-ray and 1,535 DVDs and the fourth records 17,196 Blu-ray and 1,451 DVD on their first week sales.[82][83]

The album Kessoku Band sold 36,530 copies on release day and subsequently 72,533 copies in the first week, charting first place in Oricon and Billboard Japan for the top album that week and continuing to maintain its performance in the weekly top 10 album sales.[84][85] It was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) after it reached more than 100,000 physical sales in January 2023.[86] The opening theme Seishun Complex also has been certified gold in streaming when it reached 50 million listenings in streaming platforms in November 2023.[87]

Critical reception[edit]

In Anime News Network's Fall 2022 Preview Guide, the anime received acclaim from most contributors. In general, the anime received praise for its writing, characters, animation, and portrayal of social anxiety.[1] Caitlin Moore praised the realistic depiction of Hitori's guitar playing, as well as the "slightly acerbic" comedy which in her opinion helped avoid the show becoming "too gentle" and contributed to Hitori's relatability. James Beckett similarly complimented the anime's attention to detail regarding the musical activity, in contrast to other similar anime which he felt were generally not attentive to such logistical elements. Nicholas Dupree opined that Hitori's character felt "authentic" to "the kind of introverted kid who would wear band merch and carry their guitar to school in a bid to seem interesting," and was particularly enthusiastic about following the show, saying it was "so laser-targeted at my tastes." Rebecca Silverman's response, in contrast, was middling, as while she agreed that Hitori was relatable, she believed that the anime "seems to conflate introversion and social anxiety," and did not like the visuals. In spite of these criticisms, she called the first episode "engaging." Richard Eisenbeis said that the story had "solid lessons being told" but said that the humor (which he called "cringe comedy") was not to his taste, but acknowledged that others who enjoyed the jokes would find the anime more palatable.[1]

In a review for IGN, Rafael Motamayor strongly praised the anime for its story, themes, and visual creativity, comparing it favorably to K-On! and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!. Motamayor also highlighted the similarity in the premise between Bocchi and Komi Can't Communicate, and opined that the former improved on the latter by not "making light of" Hitori's personality for the sake of its humor. The diversity of the anime's visuals and inclusion of CGI and stop motion sequences was also praised.[88]

In a feature for Crunchyroll, Adam Wescott praised the narrative and character of Hitori, comparing both positively to Watamote, and also praised the visual inventiveness of the "anxiety attack" sequences.[22]


In the ninth Anime Trending Awards on February 26, 2023, the anime series was crowned as "Anime of the Year" per highest popular votes gained and also won seven more categories such as "Best in Soundtrack", "Best in Adapted Screenplay", "Comedy Anime of the Year", "Music Anime of the Year" and "Best in Voice Cast". The Episode 8 of the series also won "Best in Episode Directing and Storyboard". The anime won eight awards overall, the most in the awards history so far.[89]

The web radio program of the series, Bocchi the Radio! won three categories in the eighth AniRadi Awards on March 29, 2023 which is Best Comedy Radio, Best Female Radio and the grand prize Radio of the Year. Yoshino Aoyama was present in the event to receive the award and gave a speech.[90]

In the 2023 Musical Instrument Stores Grand Prize, the anime series won the "Recommended Works" award, voted by the musical instrument store staffs around Japan. Instruments related to the series like Yamaha's PACIFICA611VFM guitar also won as the recommended instrument in the award.[91]

In the Newtype Anime Awards on October 28, 2023, the anime series won the Best TV Anime award while winning two other awards: Best Director for Keiichirō Saitō and Best Theme Song for "Seishun Complex" by Kessoku Band.[92]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2022 Reiwa Anisong Awards Lyrics Award Ai Higuchi for "That band" by Kessoku Band Nominated [93]
Arrangement Award Ritsuo Mitsui for "Seishun Complex" by Kessoku Band Nominated
Character Song Award "Seishun Complex" by Kessoku Band Won
"That band" by Kessoku Band Nominated
"Guitar, Loneliness and Blue Planet" by Kessoku Band Nominated
2023 9th Anime Trending Awards Anime of the Year Bocchi the Rock! Won [89]
Best in Adapted Screenplay Erika Yoshida Won
Best in Episode Directing and Storyboarding Episode 8: "Bocchi the Rock" Won
Best in Soundtrack Bocchi the Rock! Won
Best in Voice Cast Yoshino Aoyama, Sayumi Suzushiro, Saku Mizuno, and Ikumi Hasegawa Won
Comedy Anime of the Year Bocchi the Rock! Won
Music Anime of the Year Won
Slice of Life Anime of the Year Won
8th AniRadi Awards Radio of the Year Bocchi the Radio! Won [90]
Best Female Radio Won
Best Comedy Radio Won
Japan Expo Awards Daruma for Best Soundtrack Bocchi the Rock! Won [94]
Musical Instrument Stores Grand Prize Recommended Works Won [91]
Guitar Category Yamaha PACIFICA611VFM[c] Won
Epiphone Les Paul Custom/Ebony[d] 3rd place
Bass Category Yamaha TRB/TRBX[e] 2nd place
13th Newtype Anime Awards Best TV Anime Bocchi the Rock! Won [92]
Best Character (Female) Hitori Gotoh 3rd place
Nijika Ijichi 6th place
Best Theme Song "Seishun Complex" by Kessoku Band Won
"Karakara" by Kessoku Band 10th place
Best Soundtrack Tomoki Kikuya 3rd place
Best Director Keiichirō Saitō Won
Best Character Design Kerorira 2nd place
Best Mechanical Design Bocchi the Rock! 2nd place
Billboard Japan Music Awards Hot Albums Kessoku Band 11th place [95]
Most Downloaded Albums Won [96]
IGN Awards Best Anime Series Bocchi the Rock! Runner-up [97]
2024 8th Crunchyroll Anime Awards Anime of the Year Bocchi the Rock! Nominated [98]
Best Director Keiichiro Saito Nominated
Best Main Character Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi) Nominated
"Must Protect At All Costs" Character Nominated
Best New Series Bocchi the Rock! Nominated
Best Comedy Nominated
Best Slice of Life Won
Best Score Tomoki Kikuya Nominated
Best Anime Song "Seishun Complex" by Kessoku Band Nominated
Best VA Performance (Japanese) Yoshino Aoyama as Hitori Gotoh Nominated
18th Seiyu Awards Singing Award Kessoku Band Won [99]
16th CD Shop Awards Grand Prix (Blue) Kessoku Band Nominated [100]
Finalist Award Won

See also[edit]

  • Frieren, the anime adaptation of which is also directed by Keiichirō Saitō


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