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Shree Raja Ji Than Temple, Bode Barsain
Shree Raja Ji Than Temple, Bode Barsain
Bodebarsain is located in Province No. 2
Location of Bodebarsain
Bodebarsain is located in Nepal
Bodebarsain (Nepal)
Coordinates: 26°34′N 86°35′E / 26.57°N 86.59°E / 26.57; 86.59Coordinates: 26°34′N 86°35′E / 26.57°N 86.59°E / 26.57; 86.59
ProvinceProvince No. 2
Development RegionEastern
DistrictSaptari District
No. of Wards10
 • MayorAtish Kumar Sing Yadav (FSFN)
 • Deputy MayorRanju Saha (FSFN)
 • Total58.93 km2 (22.75 sq mi)
 • Total43,229
 • Density730/km2 (1,900/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5:45 (Nepal Time)
Postal code
Area code(s)031

Bodebarsain (Nepali: बोदेबरसाइन) is a municipality of Saptari District, Province No. 2. It lies in the eastern Terai region of Nepal. It was officially upgraded to become a municipality in 2016, which otherwise was a Village Development Committee prior to that change.[2] In order to meet the requirements to become a municipality, Bodebarsain merged Phulkahi, Manraja, Khadgapur, Deuri, Kachan, Sarashwar, Phulkahi, Negada and Dhanagadi VDC with itself. Bodebarsain spreads over an approximate area of 58.93 km2 (22.75 sq mi) and comprises 10 wards. According to 2011 census, the city had a population of 43,229.[3][4]

Local election[edit]

In phase 3 of the Nepalese local elections, 2017 the Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) achieved victory both in the mayoral and deputy mayoral posts in Bodebarsain municipality of Saptari district.[5] Atish Kumar Singh Yadav, achieved 4,547 votes securing the mayoral post while Ranju Sah collected 3,721 votes to win the deputy mayoral post. The nearest rival of the mayor, Atish Kumar Singh Yadav, of RJP-Nepal got 3,298 votes. Similarly, the close rival of deputy mayor, Renu Sah got 3,637 votes.

Religious places[edit]

Shree Raja Ji Than Temple lies in Manraja of Bodebarsain.[6] There is a tamarind tree over the temple. The temple is made up of ancient stones that are carefully hand carved with different symbols which shows the skill of Mithila region. The temple contains rectangular stones on the either side which are about 5 feet high carved with different symbols. There are many fragments of black stones carved with different symbols near the root of the tree. According to the local people the established statue known by the name of Shree Raja Ji Baba is of Shree Lakshmi Narayan.[7]


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