Bodega Marine Reserve

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Bodega Marine Reserve
Bodega Marine Lab 3543.jpg
Bodega Marine Lab from the south, looking across Horseshoe Cove of Bodega Bay
Location Sonoma County, California
Coordinates 39°18′25″N 123°3′58″W / 39.30694°N 123.06611°W / 39.30694; -123.06611Coordinates: 39°18′25″N 123°3′58″W / 39.30694°N 123.06611°W / 39.30694; -123.06611
Area 362 acres (0.566 sq mi)
Governing body University of California, Davis

Bodega Marine Reserve is a 362-acre (146 ha) nature reserve and marine reserve on the coast of northern California, located in the vicinity of the Bodega Marine Laboratory on Bodega Head. It is a unit of the University of California Natural Reserve System, that is administered by the University of California, Davis.[1]


The reserve is adjacent to Bodega Bay and the open Pacific Ocean, on a peninsula in rural western Sonoma County.

Natural hazards of the area include high cliffs, sleeper waves, white sharks, poison oak, Lyme disease, hantavirus, skunks, and mountain lions.[2]

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