Bodoland People's Front

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Bodoland People's Front
Chairperson Hagrama Mohilary
Rajya Sabha leader Biswajit Daimary
Headquarters Kokrajhar, Assam
Ideology Secularism
Left-wing Populism
ECI Status State Party[1]
Seats in Lok Sabha
0 / 545
Seats in Rajya Sabha
1 / 245
Seats in the Legislative Assembly
12 / 126
Election symbol
Politics of India
Political parties

The Bodoland People's Front (BPF) is a state political party in Assam state in northeastern India. In the general election, 2009 its candidate, Sansuma Khunggur Bwiswmuthiary was elected to the 15th Lok Sabha from Kokrajhar constituency. Biswajit Daimary of this party was elected to the Rajya Sabha in May, 2008. BPF had 10 members in the 12th Assam Legislative Assembly, and it is a constituent of the current Indian National Congress led ruling coalition in Assam.[2] In the 2011 Assam Assembly election, BPF won 12 seats.

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