Body Armour (film)

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Body Armour
Directed byGerry Lively
Produced bySteve Richards
Screenplay byKen Lamplugh
John Weidner
StarringChazz Palminteri
Til Schweiger
Lluís Homar
Cristina Brondo
Nick Brimble
Khan Bonfils
Music byJose Mora
CinematographyRafa Lluch
Christof Wahl
Edited byClive Barrett
Tony Solomons
Release date
February 9, 2007
Running time
CountryInternational co-production

Body Armour is a 2007 action film directed by Gerry Lively with Chazz Palminteri and Til Schweiger. It is about a killer and a bodyguard who against all odds eventually become friends.


During her election campaign governor Londsdale (Sue Flack) is shot at by a sniper as she speaks in public. John Ridley (Til Schweiger) confounds the first attack but when he is running for cover with his client in tow, they are still under fire and his colleague is hit in the open. Lonsdale urges Ridley to save his friend, although this means to turn his back on her for a moment. He complies eventually and hereby makes it possible for a killer (Chazz Palminteri) to approach Lonsdale and to kill her for Ridley to see. Ridley consequently retires as a body guard, henceforth being haunted by nightmares and left by his wife who couldn't cope with him any longer. Only years later he reluctantly agrees when his former boss persuades him to take on a last mission in Barcelona. Ridley is gobsmacked when he meets the chief witness he is supposed to protect for it is the very man who has ruined his life. However, the former killer Lee Maxwell (Chazz Palminteri) is about to die of cancer and is desperate to make it up with his daughter Catherine (Cristina Brondo). Seeking redemption by being a witness against the villain Victor Tolkin (Nick Brimble) the former killer has made himself a target. Ridley tries to fight them off but in the end it is revealed that his boss has doublecrossed him and that he has hired Ridley solely because he expected him to fail again. Supported by his old brother in arms Mark Graver ( Lluís Homar) and the increasingly weakened Maxwell, Ridley stands up to Tolkin's henchmen.


If anything good can be said about ‘Body Armour’ it would be that the filmmakers here do have the basic concept of action filmmaking down pat

— Christopher Armstead– Film Critics United [1]

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