Body Forward

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Body Forward
Body Forward.svg
Challenge Number13
Released In2010
Champions1. Canada 3663 - The Sentinels
2. South Africa 13300 - SAP g33k$
3. United States 4129 - Hammerheads[1]
Championship Tournaments44[4]

Body Forward is the 2010-11 FIRST Lego League competition. The project and missions revolve around biomedical engineering.[5]


Teams were tasked with identifying a problem that can occur in the human body and creating an inventive solution. Then teams shared their project with the community and with judges at competition.[6]


The table performance portion of Body Forward is played on a 4 ft by 8 ft field rimmed by wood boards. At competition, two of these fields are placed together to form an 8 ft square. In each 2 1/2 minute match, a team competes on each field with their robot to earn up to 400 points manipulating the mission models.

One of the mission models, the Mechanical Arm Patent, straddles both fields in the center. This model can earn points for either team, or both in the rare circumstance of simultaneous triggering.[2]

The touch penalty objects are red blood cell models.[2] All 11 are worth 5 points each anywhere on the field, but are removed every time the robot is touched outside of base.


Single Body Forward playing field with robot in center. Mechanical Arm Patent is at the right.

All of the Body Forward missions related to various medical fields and practices. They are:[2]

  • Common Bone Repair - 25 points
  • Special Bone Repair - up to 25 points
  • Rapid Blood Screening - up to 40 points
  • Bad Cell Destruction - up to 25 points
  • Mechanical Arm Patent - 25 points
  • Cardiac Patch - 20 points
  • Pacemaker - 25 points
  • Nerve Mapping - 15 points
  • Object Control Through Thought - 20 points
  • Medicine Auto-Dispensing - up to 30 points
  • Robotic Sensitivity - 25 points
  • Professional Teamwork - 25 points
  • Bionic Eyes - 20 points
  • Stent - 25 points
  • Red Blood Cells - up to 55 points


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