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Boe is a district in the country of Nauru. It is the only district of Boe Constituency.

Location and features[edit]

Boe district shown within Nauru.

It is located in the southwest of the island.

Boe borders on the districts of Aiwo, Yaren along the coastline, and Buada inland.

The elevation above sea level is about 5 metres

Area and population[edit]

It covers an area of 0.5 km², and has a population of 950. It is the smallest district in Nauru.

Notable local people[edit]

Kinza Clodumar, formerly President of Nauru, is from Boe.

Baron D. Waqa, former Minister of Education, is from Boe, having been elected from that constituency to serve in the Parliament of Nauru. He is currently the President of Nauru.

A native from Boe is the second Angam Baby Bethel Enproe Adam.

Baron Waqa, the current President of Nauru, is from Boe.

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Coordinates: 0°32′30″S 166°54′51″E / 0.54167°S 166.91417°E / -0.54167; 166.91417