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Boegoe is a word of Khoikhoi origin, which may refer to a number of South African plants, fungi or a mineral, that were used in traditional preparations. Most Boegoe plants are typified by a strong aromatic odour due to volatile oils released by glands in the leaves. The name primarily denotes those plant species of which the stems, powdered leaves or volatile oils are employed in herbalism.

Members of the Rutaceae[edit]

Individual plant species[edit]



  • Hyraceum, known as Haasboegoe or Klipboegoe, and used medicinally by the Namaqua


Note: Various similar names are recorded, including Boechoe, Boekoe, Boggoa, Boochoo, Bookoo, Bouchou, Bugu, Buccho, Bucchuu, Bucco, Buchu, iBuchu, Bucku or Buka Leaves, though the names in bold print are best known.