Boelson Cottage

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Boelson Cottage
A598, Boelson Cottage, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 2018.jpg
Boelson Cottage is located in Philadelphia
Boelson Cottage
Boelson Cottage is located in Pennsylvania
Boelson Cottage
Boelson Cottage is located in the United States
Boelson Cottage
Location2110 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (fka, West River Drive), Philadelphia 19131[4]
Coordinates39°59′23″N 75°12′11″W / 39.9896°N 75.2030°W / 39.9896; -75.2030Coordinates: 39°59′23″N 75°12′11″W / 39.9896°N 75.2030°W / 39.9896; -75.2030
Architectural styleDutch, Swedish colonial
NRHP reference #72001151[1][2][3]
Significant dates
Designated NRHPFebruary 7, 1972
Designated PRHPMay 28, 1963[5]

Boelson Cottage is a Dutch and Swedish-style colonial era cottage located in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.[6] The one-and-a-half story gambrel-roofed fieldstone cottage[3] was built sometime between 1678–84.[6] The cottage is situated on the west bank of the Schuylkill River within a plot of 100 acres (40 ha) of land granted to John Boelson in 1677 by the Swedish colonial court in Upland, Pennsylvania.[6] Boelson's cottage is the oldest extant structure in Fairmount Park.[6]

The name of the cottage varied over the years, including Pig's Eye, Tom Moore's, Aunt Cornelia's, and Belmont Cottage—the latter due to its proximity to Belmont Mansion and its possible use as housing for servants of that mansion. The name is also sometimes spelled, or misspelled, Boelsen.[3]

A wooden shed was attached to the south wall of the cottage around 1950.[3] A group called the Friends of the Philadelphia Parks renovated the cottage in 1989–90 and then used it as their office.[3][6] The original floor, windows, and doors were replaced, as was most of the original woodwork and ironwork.[3]

The cottage is registered on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places[5] and is an inventoried structure within the Fairmount Park Historic District entry on the National Register of Historic Places.[1][2][3]

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