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The coat of arms of the Boeselager family.

Boeselager (or Böselager) is the name of a German noble family from Magdeburg.


The members of this noble house whose line begins with one Squire Boeselager of Stemmern [de] by Magdeburgon first appearing in the documents on April 12, 1363. The first fully documented member is Henning von Boeselager holding a knight's fief in Wolmirsleben from April 12, 1466. By decree of the Royal Prussian throne, members of the Heesen Line entered the ranks of the barons on December 20, 1823; the members of the Eggermühlen branch were thereafter styled "barons" according to customary law.

Notable members are active in the Order of Malta, amongst them Grand Chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager and Csilla von Boeselager.

Notable members[edit]


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