Boeuf River

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Boeuf River
LA 15 bridge over Boeuf River.jpg
Boeuf River is located in Louisiana
Boeuf River
Location of the mouth of the Boeuf River in Louisiana
CountryUnited States
StateArkansas, Louisiana
Physical characteristics
SourceNear Lake Village
 - locationArkansas
 - coordinates33°19′49″N 91°21′49″W / 33.33028°N 91.36361°W / 33.33028; -91.36361[1]
 - elevation110 ft (34 m)[2]
MouthOuachita River
 - location
near Enterprise, Louisiana
 - coordinates
31°51′25″N 91°47′9″W / 31.85694°N 91.78583°W / 31.85694; -91.78583Coordinates: 31°51′25″N 91°47′9″W / 31.85694°N 91.78583°W / 31.85694; -91.78583[1]
 - elevation
33 ft (10 m)[1]
Length216 mi (348 km)[2]
 - locationUSGS gage 07368000, near Girard, LA[3]
 - average281 cu ft/s (8.0 m3/s)[3]
 - minimum0 cu ft/s (0 m3/s)
 - maximum2,980 cu ft/s (84 m3/s)

The Boeuf River (/bɛf/) is a tributary of the Ouachita River in the U.S. states of Arkansas and Louisiana. The river is about 216 miles (348 km) long.[2]

LA 15 bridge spanning the Boeuf River

The Boeuf River's name comes from the French word bœuf, which means "beef".

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