Bofors 15,2 cm kanon m/42

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15,2 cm kanon m/42
US Navy 040703-N-1464F-001 The Peruvian cruiser Almirante Grau CLM-81 fires one of its 15.2 cm caliber cannons.jpg
The BAP Almirante Grau firing its guns in the 2004 UNITAS Exercise
Type Naval gun
Place of origin Sweden
Service history
In service 1947 - today
Used by  Swedish Navy
 Royal Netherlands Navy
 Chilean Navy
 Peruvian Navy
Production history
Designer Bofors
Designed 1942
Manufacturer Bofors
No. built 30
Barrel length 8.05 metres (317 in)

Shell 45 kg
Caliber 152 millimetres (6.0 in)
Elevation -10 to +60°
Rate of fire 10/min
Maximum firing range 28,400 yards (26,000 m)[1]

The Bofors 152 mm kanon m/42 is a naval gun for use on ships. It was initially used aboard light cruisers and cruisers including the Swedish Tre Kronor class and the Dutch De Zeven Provincien class, after World War II. The last active ship to use gun was the Peruvian Navy cruiser BAP Almirante Grau and was the largest naval gun still in active service prior to the commissioning of USS Zumwalt in October 2016, which is armed with the 155 mm Advanced Gun System.

The 152 mm gun was first designed in 1939 by Bofors for the Koninklijke Marine cruiser Kijkduin, eventually named De Zeven Provinciën. After the German invasion of the Netherlands in 1940 these artillery pieces were confiscated by the Swedish Government and placed on the Swedish cruiser HSwMS Tre Kronor.


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