Bogda Shan

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Tianchi Lake on the northern side of the Bogda Shan range

The Bogda Shan (Mongolian: Богд Уул, Bogd Uul, simplified Chinese: 博格达山; traditional Chinese: 博格達山; pinyin: Bógédá shãn) range is part of the eastern Tian Shan mountains, and located in Xinjiang, some 60 km east of Ürümqi. The highest elevation is Bogda Feng, at 5445 m.

Administratively, the range forms the border between Dabancheng District to the south and Fukang City and Jimsar County to the north. In all three units, irrigated agriculture is based on the water flowing in streams that starts in the Bogda Shan.

Coordinates: 43°35′N 89°40′E / 43.583°N 89.667°E / 43.583; 89.667