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Midi-bus Bohdan A40162
Bohdan A092 - Transexpo 2009
Large bus Bohdan A1445 on the route in Kyiv
Large bus Bohdan A601
Extra large bus Bohdan A801.10
Trolley-bus Bohdan T501 in Lutsk

Bogdan (Ukrainian: Богдан) is the brand of the Ukrainian buses and trolleybuses made by Bogdan Corporation. The original two front-engine/rear-wheel drive models (Bohdan A091 and Bohdan A092) are powered by Isuzu and marketed outside Ukraine under Isuzu brand. Large city buses, such as the rear-engined Bogdan A145 and Bohdan A1445, are also produced. The production is situated in the city of Cherkasy, although there are plans of moving it to the LuAZ plant in the city of Lutsk. These vehicles are generally serving as marshrutka (routed taxicab / minibus) in former Soviet regions. The plant was originally the Cherkasy Autorepair Plant, which was founded in 1964.[1]

Current models[edit]


Small class buses[edit]

  • Bogdan A069

Medium class buses[edit]

  • Bogdan A092
  • Bogdan A093
  • Bogdan A092.80 (half-low-floor midibus)
  • Bogdan A40162

Large class buses[edit]

  • Bogdan A1445
  • Bogdan A1452
  • Bogdan A601.10 (10,6 meter half-low floor)
  • Bogdan A701.12 (12,0 meter low floor launched in 2011)
  • Bogdan A701.90 (12,0 meter low floor Airport bus). Launched in 2011 or 2012.

Extra large class buses[edit]

  • Bogdan A231 (production stopped in 2009)
  • Bogdan A801.10 (15 meter low-floor), launched in early 2010.


  • Bogdan E231 (14,5 meter low-floor with Dynamo DC Motor). Made in 2007–2008, only 8 trolleys were made.
  • Bogdan T601.11 (10,6 meter low-floor, with Electrotjazhmash DC Motor). Launched in 2008.
  • Bogdan T701.10 (12,0 meter low-floor, with Electrotjazhmash DC Motor). Launched in 2010.
  • Bogdan Т701.15 (12,0 meter low-floor, with Pragoimex AC Motor). Launched in 2010.
  • Bogdan T701.20 (12,0 meter low-floor, 2 doors, situated in front and rear overhangs. Made for Crimea intercity trolleybus system). Launched in 2011.
  • Bogdan T801.10 (15,0 meter low-floor, with a Russian DC motor). Launched in 2009.
  • Bogdan T901.10 (18,7 meter low-floor articulated, with 2 Electrotjazhmash DC Motors). Launched in 2010.



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