Boggy Peak

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Boggy Peak
Boggy Peak.JPG
Boggy Peak
Highest point
Elevation402 m (1,319 ft)[1]
Prominence402 m (1,319 ft)[2]
ListingAntigua's highest point
Coordinates17°02′31″N 61°51′04″W / 17.04194°N 61.85111°W / 17.04194; -61.85111Coordinates: 17°02′31″N 61°51′04″W / 17.04194°N 61.85111°W / 17.04194; -61.85111[2]
Parent rangeShekerley Mountains

Boggy Peak is the highest point of the Shekerley Mountains on the island of Antigua. It lies in the southwest region of the island at 17°2′31″N 61°51′4″W / 17.04194°N 61.85111°W / 17.04194; -61.85111,[2][3] and rises to a height of 402 metres (1,319 ft).


The area has significant cultural heritage as it was used during slavery times for sugarcane plantations. The name originated from slave masters telling stories about the dangers of the Boogie Man who took spirits and lived up in the mountains. This was to discourage slaves from escaping and running into the mountains. Runaways were able to make their own settlements in the mountains and actually live out their lives apart from enslavement.

On August 4, 2009 Antigua's highest point Boggy Peak was renamed Mount Obama by then-Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer. The change was to honor the 44th U.S. President Barack Obama and recognize him as a symbol of black achievement. The name lasted seven years before Cabinet changed it back to the traditional name Boggy Peak on June 21, 2016.


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