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The Bogle Stroll
Bogle Logo.JPG
Genre Sponsored Walk/Cycle
Location(s) Greater Manchester, England
Inaugurated 1961 (1961)
Organised by Manchester RAG

The Bogle Stroll is a sponsored 55-mile walk conducted annually in Manchester, United Kingdom. Participants in the walk raise money for charity.[1]


Starting in 1961 when UMIST lecturers walking from Lancaster back to Manchester spotted an imp[citation needed], the Bogle has run every year since and is now one of the longest running sponsored events in the North West, and will celebrate its 55th year in 2016. In the 1970s the stroll was described as "the largest sponsored charity walk in England".[2]


The Bogle is known as a sponsored walk, but also offers participants the option of cycling the event. Currently comprising four main events, the Bogle features many distances that range in difficulty.

The Bogle Stroll is the most popular event of the four available where participants walk approximately 55 miles[3] around Greater Manchester through the night. Walkers tackle what is known as the North and South Loops, forming a figure of eight around Manchester. Every year, the Bogle Stroll sees close to 50% of those who enter finish, leaving the rest to drop out at various points. To ensure the safety of walkers the Bogle Stroll must be completed in under 24 hours.

The Bogle Ramble is a shorter alternative to the Bogle Stroll, covering approximately 26 miles around the north of Manchester. Participants don’t walk through the night during this event and instead walk the North Bogle Loop, before finishing back at the start point. The Bogle Ramble is sometimes misinterpreted as a marathon, yet the Bogle Ramble covers difficult terrain with open roads and is therefore not recommended to be run.

The Bogle Wander is the shortest of the four events where participants walk approximately 12 miles of the North Bogle Loop. As the Bogle Wander is the shortest route, it is also the least popular but is still not an easy challenge.

The Bogle Roll is an alternative event, in which participants cycle the route rather than walk. Cyclists cover approximately 78 miles by covering the North Bogle Loop three times whilst tackling various hills and difficult stretches of road. With roads open and other walkers around the route, participants must tackle more than just the distance and gives the option for cyclists to cycle shorter distances if desired.

Event organisation[edit]

Following the merger of UMIST and Victoria University of Manchester, forming the current University of Manchester, the fundraising body ‘Manchester Rag' took on the organisation and planning of the event. This has resulted in this event being run solely by students who are in full-time study in Manchester.

The event also relies on a large volunteering team who are responsible for the overall safety and management of checkpoints that are located along the route.

These volunteers include:

  • First Aiders
  • Van/Minibus Drivers
  • University lecturers
  • Checkpoint Marshalls
  • Bogle Control Team

First-place 55-mile strollers[edit]

2015 - Luke Smith | 14 hours 27 minutes
2014 - Craig Cavanagh | 14 hours 21 minutes
2013 - Steve Judd | 9 hours 39 minutes
2012 - Tom Fairclough | 13 hours 25 minutes
2011 - Richard Saint/Lee Bawn | 16 hours 04 minutes
2010 - Clayton Malcolnson/Adrian Zoch | 14 hours 56 minutes
2009 - Tim Budd | 15 hours 40 minutes
2007 - Sarah 'Beeny' Benito | 14 hours 15 minutes
2004 - Richard O'Regan | 16 hours 15 minutes [Carried a rucksack estimated to be approximately 10kg (22lb)]
2003 - Benj Ellerby - 8 Hours 17 minutes
1968 - Martin Banfield - 9 hours 45 minutes (Lancaster to Manchester via A6, starting at 2100)

Previous events[edit]

Below is a table of the past events and how much they raised for local and national charities.

Year Organiser Amount Raised
2014 Jo Tripney and Stacia Yong £20,695.87
2013 Claire Smith and Alex Crabtree £46,648
2012 Tom Bartley and Dermot Quinn £35,000
2011 Paul Robertson £35,279.13
2010 Matt Bennett £17,000
2009 Matt Bennett


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