Bogomil (name)

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Bogomil / Bogumił / Bohumil
MeaningDear to God
Other names
Variant form(s)Bogomila (f), Bogumiła (f), Bohumila (f)
Related namesBogusław, Bogdan; Amadeus, Theophil, Gottlieb

Bogomil (Cyrillic: Богомил, also Bogumił in Polish, Bohumil in Czech and Slovak) is a Bulgarian given name of Slavic origin. It is composed of the Slavic words 'bog' (god) and 'mil' (dear) and means 'Dear to God'. Its feminine equivalents are Bogomila, Bogumiła, Bohumila. The sound change of 'g' > 'h' occurred in Ukrainian, Belarusian, Czech and Slovak.

Similar names include Latin Amadeus, Greek Theophil and German Gottlieb.

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