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Bogomil (Богомил) was a 10th-century Bulgarian priest and heresiarch, who was connected with the origins of Bogomilism. Bogomil is a Theophoric name consisting of Bog (God) and mil (dear).

According to Cosmas the Priest, Bogomil first began to preach his beliefs in Bulgaria during the reign of the Peter I of Bulgaria (927 to 969), which indicates that Cosmas must have been writing later than 969.[1] As with Cosmas, the life of Bogomil is shrouded in mystery and what little we know of him comes from the sermons written against him.[2] There is some uncertainty about his relationship to Jeremiah or whether they are the same person.[3] The statement that Jeremiah was "a son (disciple) of Bogomil" may be an interpolation.[4]

Bogomil Cove on Rugged Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Bogomil.


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