Bogra Cantonment

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Bogra Cantonment
Bogra, Bogra
Monogram of Bogra Cantonment Majhira.jpg
Monogram of Bogra Cantonment Majhira
Type Cantonment
Site information
Controlled by Bangladesh Army

Majhira Cantonment, also known historically as Bogra Cantonment, is a cantonment about 10 kilometers south of Bogra town in northern Bangladesh.[1]

It is the 11th Infantry Division headquarters. The Armoured Corps Center & School (ACC&S), and the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) of the Bangladesh Army are also located there. [2] [3]

The current Area commander of Bogra Area is Major General Mushfequr Rahman, ndc,psc



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Coordinates: 24°45′34″N 89°23′21″E / 24.75944°N 89.38917°E / 24.75944; 89.38917

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