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Bogue (also Bog and Boig) is the surname of an early family of the southeastern Scottish Lowlands (Borders). Bogues were part of the Angle invasion from western Germania c. 450 A.D. to northern Briton. The Scottish family is Anglo-Saxon, especially so the Bogues of Burnhouses, an estate (c. 1460 – c. 1700) located northwest of Duns.

Bogue may refer to:



Other uses[edit]

  • The language Esimbi spoken in parts of Cameroon
  • USS Bogue (CVE-9), an aircraft carrier of the United States Navy
  • Bogue (Boops boops), a fish of the family Sparidae
  • A cigarette
  • In parts of the Deep South, a stream otherwise called a bayou or creek (from the Choctaw)